Case Studies

Home Care Services Agency Raises Its Call Response By 38%

Home Health Associates (HHA) needed a marketing hook stand to out in the crowded home care services sector. They did this with a simple, succinct and highly memorable vanity number, 1-800-HOMECARE.

Fred Shaw, the agency’s CEO, confirms that the results came quickly. HHA saw an increase of “at least 38% increase in our call volume and response rates.”

1-800-HOMECARE had these other advantages for the agency:

  • Confirmed reduction in artwork and production costs when designing advertising.
  • Daily call-tracking reports, broken down by county to allow highly targeted market analysis.
  • Accurate overview reporting that allows HHA to judge “new and potential business, as it relates to phone calls generated by our vanity number”.

The number is now prominently displayed in all of the company’s advertisements and marketing materials, demonstrating the power of a toll-free vanity number to boost calls and sales.

1-800-HURT-NOW Strengthens Marketing for a Law Firm

Primary Wave Media LLC licensed 1-800-HURT-NOW to Ohio-based personal injury law firm Kisling, Nestico & Redick.

Within six months of integrating their vanity toll-free number in the law firm’s marketing and advertising materials (billboards, TV adverts, yellow page ads, and more), the law firm started receiving over 1,000 calls per month and taking on more cases than ever before.

Fueled by the success of their vanity number, Kisling, Nestico & Redick expanded 1-800-HURT-NOW license to cover the entire state of Ohio. Today the number drives thousands of more calls per month to the firm. The law firm is getting significantly more personal injury cases than ever and have become the third largest personal injury law firm in their state.