How Vanity Numbers Work

How Vanity Numbers Work A vanity phone number is a mixture of numbers and letters designed to make your company’s marketing more memorable.

A descriptive word is usually integrated into the number to explain what you do or how you improve business for customers. For example, our number – 1-877-RING-BOOST – keeps the brand and theme of our business front and center, while giving potential customers an easy way to remember who to call.

An effective vanity phone number makes your business unforgettable. It can communicate savings, quality, or a similarly unique selling point of your product or service.

Our job is not just to implement your vanity number, but to help you find the perfect custom phone number for your company. We believe a vanity number is more than just contact information, it is a business marketing tool that provides your company with a unique competitive advantage.

Custom phone numbers are important to a business because they tend to generate a higher response rate from potential customers. More calls means more sales, so a business without a vanity phone number is missing an important page in the marketing playbook.

Start your search for a vanity number now.