About Us

RingBoost.com is a Primary Wave Media (www.primarywavemedia.com) and Inc 500/5000 company. We are the leading provider of local and toll-free vanity number marketing services and give businesses the tools they need to expand local marketing outreach and boost the number of incoming calls & sales.

We work with companies around the country to increase marketing campaign response rates and enhance advertising effectiveness through our local and toll-free, easy-to-remember phone numbers. Mobile devices now dwarf PC sales 5:1, while inbound calls are shown to convert to revenue 10 times greater than web leads.

This combination makes it more important than ever to boost inbound calls to your business with a great vanity phone number from RingBoost.

Companies of all sizes benefit from our services, from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies like Time Warner Cable and Bank of America. These companies put their vanity number advertising and marketing services in our hands, and the results speak for themselves.

Brand Development

We believe in the brand development power of custom vanity numbers, which provide our clients with an efficient, affordable way to deploy multi-channel marketing initiatives. Our name clearly states the value proposition of what we do: use our tools to boost calls, which boosts sales.