Before you swap out your business loafers for your work boots and head to the local hardware store, check out the July 2019 RingBoost roundup, featuring some of the very best vanity phone numbers related to home services.   Summer is the perfect time to start on all those home improvement projects that have built up throughout the year.    Before you swap out your business loafers for your work boots and head to the local hardware store, check out

Vanity phone numbers have long been shown to be an effective way to improve brand awareness and as an opportunity to increase the number of inbound calls to your business. If you’re serious about success, vanity phone numbers will undoubtedly play a part. So why aren’t more enterprises using these marketing phone numbers? It’s often because they believe mistakenly that the influence of these assets is less than it actually is. They could not be more wrong. Let’s address some

Wrong Vanity Number

Summer has finally begun (well, sort of) and that can mean only one thing – fun!   Before you head out on vacation, or swap out your pant suit for some sleek summer shorts, check out the June RingBoost roundup, featuring some of the very best vanity phone numbers related to recreation in all its many and glorious forms.   You’re probably already well aware, but RingBoost has the single largest collection of available of toll-free vanity number and local

Best Vanity Phone Numbers - 1-866-BREWERY

Custom marketing phone numbers have been proven time and again to be a highly effective way to generate more first-time calls, higher quality calls, and improve the volume of referrals.       So, what makes a great “vanity” phone number? What do regular buyers of these valuable marketing assets know that can guide you when selecting the right number for your business? In many ways, it comes down to two words: being memorable.    When you’re driving down the

How long have you had your current phone number? One month? One year? A decade? If so, there are many reasons you may want to consider a change to your phone number – and it’s easier than you might think.     The most common reason people make a change to a new phone number is because they are hiding from some individual they no longer want to communicate with – or worse, someone they are being stalked or harassed

Consumers have a choice in how they communicate with your company; are you doing your best to manage perception and performance in every channel? Today, most businesses concentrate their resources on marketing channels including search, social, advertising, or a combination of all three. Marketing extends much further, however, influencing consumers’ perceptions in-person as well as over the phone.  Optimizing Phone Calls for Conversion Phone calls, just like search or social advertising, can become a critical part of the marketing funnel. For

Did you know that RingBoost has the largest collection of available toll-free vanity number and local phone numbers for sale? It’s true! The problem is that there are so many amazing options that you can choose from, that you may overlook the perfect option for your company. Don’t worry though – we have your digital back. Today we’re profiling 10 of the best vanity phone numbers (from some of the most exciting industry categories) available at RingBoost right now. PHONE

Facebook and Twitter, and any other social media network you can name, from Reddit to Pinterest, have made marketers weak. That’s right – I said it… and I mean it. Here’s why. In place of tangible measures of performance, many times today’s marketers gauge their success on the click of a like button. For anyone that has ever been responsible for the bottom line of a business (i.e. revenue and profits), “engagement” is an empty, meaningless way to evaluate. For

Social Media Call To Action In Focus

What’s the point of having a phone number if you’re not going to use it?   One of the best reasons to use a vanity phone number from RingBoost is that when you choose one of our local call forwarding or toll-free plan packages, you can take advantage of call tracking. That feature is incredibly powerful and can show you really important details like the length of time spent on calls and a whole bunch of other useful data. What

Phone Call Tracking

Most companies look at social media in one of two ways; as a viable opportunity to increase the awareness of their brand (through advertising or engagement) or as a complete waste of time. Customer care, however, is another way to leverage the popularity of social media among an audience of prospects and customers and the benefits that it can provide in many ways outweighs the cost and perceived distraction that social media is so often defined by. Need evidence of

Lawmakers in New York are taking a firm stand against robocalls in New York and it’s consumers who will benefit in the long run.  On the heels of a record breaking number of robocalls in 2018 (read RingBoost’s article on Robocall Statistics in 2018 for more information), New York Sen. Brad Hoylman and Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou announced the Robocall Prevention Act in Albany this week. The legislation comes none too soon, as the problem of robocalls is particularly severe in the

Statistics on the rise and potential of voice search are captivating:  55% of households are expected to own a smart speaker device by 2022 (Source: OC&C Strategy Consultants) 65% of 25-49 year olds use their voice-enabled device at least once per day (Source: PwC) More than half of all online searches will be voice initiated by 2020 (Source: Comscore) There’s simply no question that the age of voice search has arrived but the question remains; how can businesses like yours

Voice Search Optimization