Mobile phones have changed the way we interact with each other and increasingly how we interact with the companies we choose to do business with. One of the most significant developments of the past 10 to 15 years has been that of businesses that employ text messages in their marketing mix. The use of texting among certain demographics – we’re looking at you GenZ – is almost universal. It has become one of the core channels for communicating today but

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Peter Drucker The best way to ensure that phone calls remain a contributing factor in a businesses’ success is by taking advantage of technology solutions that track these digital interactions. Doing so enables business stakeholders to extract meaningful intelligence that can be used to drive future marketing, advertising and customer experience initiatives. Perhaps the most common reason enterprises consider call tracking and call intelligence systems is to identify poor customer support and sales

If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. Zig Ziglar Trust is fundamental when it comes to personal and professional relationships, and the most successful companies realize that each and every interaction they have with customers and clients (from the awareness stage to ongoing account management) needs to help establish legitimacy if a sale is going to be completed (or repeated). Fortunately, there are numerous ways for businesses to convey

DREAM BIG, BE SMART, MOVE FAST A brilliant business idea means nothing if you’re unable to execute on it, right? Of course. It’s necessary to take a rough concept and be able to bring it to fruition or reality, but that’s a long and often challenging journey and most simply get overwhelmed at the thought and drop out, never to realize their dreams. Fortunately, there are some practical ways to tackle such a project and if you break it down

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There’s no question that vanity phone numbers are an excellent addition to any businesses’ marketing and acquisition efforts but one of the most common questions once those assets are acquired is – what do I do now? How can we use this resource in an effective way? What’s the first step? Custom phone numbers are a marketing investment that pay significant dividends and offer substantial growth opportunities for businesses, but only when that asset is managed correctly. Phones provide a

The new year brings with it an urge to make resolutions; so why not set an intention to enhance the customer experience with a more focused and refined approach to engagement? Businesses that advertise and market their products or services understand the importance of promoting their offerings to relevant audiences, but finding a way to actually differentiate a brand from its competition without wasting budget or resources is no easy task.   Fortunately, smart and savvy business owners have discovered

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The rise of Digital Marketing over the past two decades led many to believe that the use of phones would no longer be important but that has been far from the case. The use of phones for directly contacting businesses among today’s consumers has actually never been higher – and that has not gone unnoticed by today’s brands (particularly those who invest heavily in search-based advertising. Why? Consider the following data points that show why phone numbers, and vanity or

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