How to Get Your Own Custom Phone Number

Ever wondered how to get your own personalized phone number? Obtaining a custom set of digits is easier than ever and this article will show you exactly how to find and set up a memorable number that you’ll be proud to flaunt and that people will love to dial. 

What is a custom phone number?

Also called vanity phone numbers, a custom phone numbers is exactly what it sounds like: a customized set of digits that you get to choose yourself. 

Vanity phone numbers are often spotted in the wild and are easily recognized by a couple of noticeable characteristics: 

  1. They often spell out a memorable word or phrase, or
  2. They use repetition and numerical patterns for an ‘easy-dial’ sequence of digits

For example: 

  • 1-800-GOT-MILK
  • 1-800-CONTACTS
  • 1-833-832-8332
  • 1-310-333-3333

Why customize your phone number?

Many people purchase custom phone numbers for their professional and personal use. A great alternative to the traditional set of randomized digits assigned by your phone carrier, custom phone numbers come with a wide range of benefits.

Enhance memorability

The best thing about a custom number is that it’s easy to remember and difficult to forget. Anyone who can instantly recall a vanity number from a long-ago TV ad or radio jingle can attest to the fact that once a catchy phone number lodges itself in your brain, it sticks for life.

This simple (but effective) technology is key for keeping a business at the top of clients’ minds and enabling word-of-mouth referrals at the drop of a line.

Stand out from the crowd

In a world where people are constantly barraged by media and advertisements of all kinds, traditional phone numbers are easy-to-miss, blending into their surroundings. 

Custom phone numbers work as a brand differentiator, capturing the audience’s attention more effectively than random numbers. Vanity numbers are also more convenient to recall and dial. Because people prefer convenient options, convenience acts as a key driver of brand preference.

Maximize advertising response rates

Implementing a memorable phone number can give your marketing return the boost it needs, simply by increasing inbound calls. Even in a digital world, phone numbers still convert to revenue at a much higher rate than web leads

Generate leads before they turn to internet searches with a catchy number–bonus points if you can incorporate a call-to-action into your phone number. 

Boost company credibility

What’s in a phone number prefix? A lot, it seems! Customers are surprisingly responsive to the three little digits that prefix your phone number. Choosing the right one can even inspire a sense of trustworthiness in your business. 

The best prefix for your brand will ultimately depend on your business goals. But, it’s worth noting that while 800 numbers have a long legacy of projecting professionalism, local numbers can be leveraged to gain ‘insider’ status in your community of choice. 

Random digits don’t inspire trust, but the right custom phone number can.

Strengthen your brand

Brand awareness is the crucial first step of the marketing funnel, and a custom phone number can help your business achieve it faster. Furthermore, a memorable phone number is a simple way to fortify your brand reputation, creating continuity between branded campaigns. 

Project a concise message about your brand identity with a phone number that supports your brand strategy.

Choosing the right type of custom phone number

How will you know when you’ve landed on the right phone number? The ‘right’ phone number ultimately comes down to the one that best supports your specific goals for growing your brand. 

Consider the following factors when choosing the best phone number for your needs:

  • Where you do business
  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What do you want your phone number to say about you

There are a few different types of available phone number options to choose from.

Custom Local numbers

Local phone numbers with a 3 digit area code unique to its geographic origin are used to identify where a call is coming from, or where a business is located. No matter where you physically do business, you have the option of buying a local phone number of your choice.

Custom toll free number

800 numbers work on a national level and provide a nationwide branding opportunity. Purchasing a number that has a toll free area code, ensures that callers are able to call you without incurring fees.

Traditionally limited to 800 and 888, today toll free numbers include newer prefixes like: 833, 844, 855, etc.

Vanity or easy dial number

No matter which one you end up going with, both types of phone numbers are more memorable than a regular phone number and have distinct benefits to offer. 

Vanity numbers present an opportunity to leave a clever and lasting impression, allowing you to show off your brand’s ‘personality’ better. The best ones can even double as a domain name (like 1800FLOWERS.COM)

On the other hand, easy-dial numbers are favored by legal practices (and the like) for conveying a sense of no-nonsense professionalism, while still being memorable and convenient to call. 

RingBoost offers live omnichannel support to help you expertly decide what type of phone number will work best for you.

How to get a custom phone number

Obtaining a custom phone number is simpler than you might think. Just about anyone with access to the internet can purchase a custom phone number is a few simple steps.

1. Come up with some great ideas

For some this is the biggest hurdle to getting a custom number. These tips can ease the process along:

  • Know your audience
  • Consider using your company name
  • Consider incorporating the service you offer
  • Come up with a list of relevant keywords
  • Browse by category for inspiration
  • Have creative back-ups

2. Search available phone numbers

While it doesn't hurt to ask your carrier what they can offer you, most only have access to a limited pool of vanity phone numbers.

Your best bet for a successful search is enlisting the help of a specialist (like RingBoost) who focuses solely on finding and securing the best custom phone numbers.

Working with a specialist to find a custom number has some major advantages:

3. Pick your phone number

For maximum effectiveness, choose a custom phone that is:

Prioritizing simplicity in your custom number of choice will make it easy for anyone to dial it and allow you to maximize on some key benefits, like enabling convenience and word-of-mouth referrals.

4. Make your purchase

Like most purchases these days, all you need is a credit card to secure your new phone number. RingBoost now also accepts ApplePay and Google Pay on all devices for a fast, convenient checkout.

5. Decide how you want to receive calls

Activation requires no technical skills on your part, but will require a few key decisions and a timeline to complete. Your options are:

  • Port – This means moving it to your own phone carrier from the carrier that previously owned the number. After purchase, you’ll receive simple instructions on how to initiate it with the help of your carrier. It can take a few days, so having a plan in place is crucial to avoid missing calls while you wait.
  • Pick a plan - RingBoost offers several call forwarding plans to your phone line. This also works as a temporary solution while you wait for your new number to be ported.
  • Park – if you’ve found your custom fit but aren't ready to make the switch yet, parking allows you to purchase it and retain ownership for a fraction of the cost of a plan.

6. Promote your new phone number

Custom phone numbers are a great marketing tool for generating ROI results, and the sooner you can get your new number out into the world, the better.

Here are some tips for incorporating your custom number into your marketing strategy:

  • Use it everywhere! The point is to get as many eyes (or ears) on it as possible.
  • Update all marketing materials to reflect your current contact info.
  • Make it a focal point on advertising for best results.
  • Amp up your number by turning it into a catchy jingle
  • Coach your team to implement it in day-to-day operations

Getting in touch with RingBoost will make the process of getting a custom phone number as simple and efficient as possible.

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