5 Essential Ingredients to Make More Effective Marketing Videos

A video is a significant component of any effective modern marketing plan. Online videos are used to build audiences, inform viewers about a company’s products or services, and attract new customers.

Despite the advantages of using video, many companies fall short. Their videos may lack quality, coherence, and cohesiveness. Some lack the fundamental elements of truly effective marketing videos, without which viewers are highly unlikely to take action beyond watching for a minute or two.

To make the most of your marketing videos, it’s vital to learn from the success of others. Below you’ll find five important ingredients that form the recipe for that success. Bon appetit!



Five Ingredients of Effective Marketing Videos

The following are five essential ingredients that will make your marketing videos more effective:


1. Set goals, create a plan, and commit your program to a content calendar

A standalone video outside of a comprehensive content strategy will accomplish very little. Videos are supposed to tell a story. The best stories require time to develop the narrative and take viewers on a journey that leads them to become emotionally invested.

Since the average attention span on the internet is under three minutes, you should create videos that are not only short and to-the-point, but which also fit within a larger narrative threaded throughout multiple videos.

If video marketing is your next big push, you need to start with setting goals for the videos, create a plan and a big-picture narrative, and commit it all to a content calendar.


2. Write a script and gather media

Nothing detracts from a video quite as much as unfocused rambling. It seems obvious to say so, but many people think they can simply ad-lib the content of their videos. Trust me, not even the best can pull it off!

For example, Gary V., a top internet marketing advocate and social media influencer, has an immense capacity to deliver his message on point without a script. What viewers may not realize, however, is that Gary has been making his videos for over a decade, and his message has not changed much at all.

Even a superficial look into his material will reveal that he is, in fact, scripted, but he has delivered his message so many times before that it has become second nature to him. Practice makes perfect. Wax on, wax off.



The other advantage Gary has today is the added talent of an entire team of content producers who help him create his videos. Your company probably doesn’t have this luxury.

To create a compelling video that is on message and motivates viewers to take a defined action, write a script for your video and follow it.

Treat the script like a blog. Make sure it flows, has proper editing, and that the message is clear and concise. The best way to see if your script works is to read it out loud to another person before you ever attempt to record a video. Take their feedback, warts and all, and use it to improve your delivery.

It is also critical that you gather any additional media you need to create your video before you hit the record button. Added media needs to fit with the script. The person reading the text will need to understand what the attached media is, how it will be used, and how it fits into the video. Make sure to collect all materials beforehand and make a list of them as a form of inventory.


3. Keep it simple!

There’s a harsh truth that even creators of effective marketing videos must acknowledge up front: most viewers will navigate away from your video before it finishes. Don’t take it personally! Attention is at a premium and distractions are everywhere, so this is just the nature of the online video beast. 

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to eliminate any unnecessary components of your videos in the editing room. “All killer, no filler!”, as the record execs used to espouse. 

Effective marketing videos are concise, and viewers should be able to understand what the video is about within the first ten seconds. You must also be sure to keep out anything that does not directly contribute to the video’s message. While it may be tempting to branch out and try something creative, most of the time those videos fall flat.

Some terrible marketing video attempts have gone viral for all the wrong reasons, such as this unfortunate example by way of Alaska:


Another critical component of a compelling marketing video is how it is edited.

Many marketers incorporate strange music tracks, use fancy transitions, or add other over-the-top editing tricks in an attempt to keep their audience engaged. However, all these bells and whistles will do nothing more than detract viewers from your message.

Avoid fancy transitions (but use simple ones where needed), keep music simple and at a volume that does not interfere with the rest of the video, and most importantly, do not overlay the video with any cheesy filters or poorly rendered digital backgrounds.


4. Have a call to action button

While a video is meant to engage and entertain, the end goal of a marketing video is to convert. The most significant mistake a company can make is to forget to add a call to action button.

A call to action button acts as a window through which viewers can further explore your brand. At the end of the video, the button must appear prominently with a compelling instruction.

Some marketers create incentives through value propositions attached to the call to action, such as offering a free trial or free consultation.

Whatever the call to action, it is essential to ensure the destination, such as a landing or lead page, is built to mimic the colors and theme of the video (which should match your brand rules), and the message remains consistent. Failure to match the destination page with the video’s message will confuse potential customers.

As the saying goes, “a confused mind always says no.”


5. Use a memorable phone number

Your video has ten seconds or less to convey your message to most viewers. That means you need to leverage every marketing tool available to make your brand more memorable.

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Vanity numbers are the most ubiquitously useful marketing tool available, precisely because consumers are proven to recall a custom number better than any other type of contact method. Such numbers make use of mnemonics and familiar digit sequences to help consumers remember your brand and how to contact you.

The goal of every small business is, first and foremost, to generate more phone calls. This objective flows through to video content and a memorable phone number is the most effective tool for the job.

Here is an example of how effective a marketing video with a great phone number can be. It’s simple, to-the-point, and makes the call to action exceptionally clear:



Bonus Ingredient: Make your videos interactive.

An emerging trend in video marketing is the ability to make videos interactive. Interactive videos put the power in the hands of the viewers and allow them to take part in the video to determine what they will see next.

A dynamic storyline can teach viewers essential components of your product or service in a way that does not feel like a pitch and can serve as a fun distraction. Interactive videos are also more likely to be shared than traditional videos. Check out this list of interactive video tools to find one that works for your business.

In an environment where attention is at a premium and visual content is starting to dominate, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers with a simultaneously well-branded and entertaining video is one of the best investments you can make. 

Making effective marketing videos isn’t easy, but the extra time you invest will help your content stand out from the crowd.


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