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RingBoost President, Paul Faust, was interviewed by DotCom Magazine, sharing his perspective on leading an entrepreneurial organization. DotCom Magazine is a growing resource for influencers, entrepreneurs, brands, and start up founders to come together, share ideas, and get inspiration. Topics included: Why Paul doesn’t want satisfied customers What makes him get up in the morning (hint: it’s not the alarm) How to handle challenging times in a startup The thing(s) that helped accelerate RingBoost’s growth the fastest Why you shouldn’t

Businesses often reach out asking for feedback on how you liked their product or service. According to an infographic from Social Media Link, over 60% of Gen Z-ers say they leave a review nearly every time they make a buying decision. This is driven by their behavior on the other side of the coin: when seeking to make a purchasing decision, nearly 70% seek reviews and recommendations “very often” and another 27.3% do so “somewhat often.”  (Do the math, that’s

All companies can trace their origin to their beginning as a small business. Whether you started by hanging out your own shingle or you launched with the backing of investors, your business was born with a vision and grew through hard work. RingBoost was founded not just as a small business, but one with a mission to help other small businesses. When selling his successful home care practice, CEO Gregg Hamerschlag retained the toll-free assets of 1-800-HOMECARE and 1-800-HOSPICE to

What’s the point of having a phone number if you’re not going to use it?   One of the best reasons to use a vanity phone number from RingBoost is that when you choose one of our local call forwarding or toll-free plan packages, you can take advantage of call tracking. That feature is incredibly powerful and can show you really important details like the length of time spent on calls and a whole bunch of other useful data. What

Phone Call Tracking

Most companies look at social media in one of two ways; as a viable opportunity to increase the awareness of their brand (through advertising or engagement) or as a complete waste of time. Customer care, however, is another way to leverage the popularity of social media among an audience of prospects and customers and the benefits that it can provide in many ways outweighs the cost and perceived distraction that social media is so often defined by. Need evidence of

Lawmakers in New York are taking a firm stand against robocalls in New York and it’s consumers who will benefit in the long run.  On the heels of a record breaking number of robocalls in 2018 (read RingBoost’s article on Robocall Statistics in 2018 for more information), New York Sen. Brad Hoylman and Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou announced the Robocall Prevention Act in Albany this week. The legislation comes none too soon, as the problem of robocalls is particularly severe in the

Statistics on the rise and potential of voice search are captivating:  55% of households are expected to own a smart speaker device by 2022 (Source: OC&C Strategy Consultants) 65% of 25-49 year olds use their voice-enabled device at least once per day (Source: PwC) More than half of all online searches will be voice initiated by 2020 (Source: Comscore) There’s simply no question that the age of voice search has arrived but the question remains; how can businesses like yours

Voice Search Optimization

In the latest episode of the podcast Accelerate Your Business Growth, RingBoost Partner Paul Faust talked with host Diane Helbig about how to harness the power of voice to stand out in the digital age. Head on over to iTunes or the Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast website to listen to the conversation and learn how voice can drive conversions, lower cost of sales, and increase customer loyalty. About the Podcast: Featured on Inc.com’s list of 100 Podcasts That Will