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Make the Most of the Downtime

Written by: on December 20, 2018

6 Ways to Prep for Marketing in 2019 If you’re at work, these next two weeks can be a gloriously quiet time that gives you the space you need to prepare your marketing program for 2019. You may have already completed your budget and your high-level marketing strategy – but when it comes to turning vision into reality, you have to dig into the tactics. Here is a quick list of things you can tackle during this down time that

The Power of the 212 Area Code

Written by: on December 19, 2018

RingBoost has one of the largest selections of 212 area code phone numbers for sale in the country, and now you can get your classic number for less. For a limited time, we’re reducing the price thousands of 212 numbers by 30%.   SHOP 212 NUMBERS NOW   New York City Business Phone Numbers Did you know there are seven area codes that cover the five boroughs of New York City, and four that cover Manhattan alone? When selecting a

The rise of Web Marketing over the past two decades led many to believe that the use of phones would no longer be important but that has been far from the case. The use of phones for directly contacting businesses among today’s consumers has actually never been higher – and that has not gone unnoticed by today’s brands (particularly those who invest heavily in search-based advertising. Why? Consider the following data points that show why phone numbers, and vanity or

New data confirms just how prevalent robocalls have become. RingBoost’s Rick Dionisio and Ellen Sluder provided commentary for the report.   Every year, the number of robocalls grows.  For the first 10 months of 2018, Americans received over 38 billion robocalls, with an average of 117 per person. Robocalls are an annoyance – but scammers sometimes succeed in stealing innocent victims’ private information, making the issue also downright dangerous. Clutch, a B2B research firm in Washington, DC, surveyed nearly 700 phone

When we think of recognizable brands, our first instinct is to consider billion-dollar companies like Apple, Amazon, and Coca-Cola. In other words, global brands that are household names. In reality, most business owners and marketing leaders aren’t angling for an international brand… at least not right away! Instead, we look to the areas in which our target buyers gather, which tends to be closer to home. The potential for national recognition is attractive, but most brands are built step-by-step, expanding into

brand expansion

Ask most sales and service professionals how they prefer to talk to customers and they’ll usually say in-person. For such amicable and persuasive individuals, meeting face-to-face is simply the best way to use their natural talents to serve clients.  Unfortunately, we can’t always be in the same room as those we want to help. Distance and scheduling clashes often combine to limit contact with customers to other channels, of which the telephone is the next best option.   When you’re on the


How Does the Brain Store a Phone Number?

Written by: on November 26, 2018

We’ve all been there. You hear a set of digits that you know you need to remember and ten seconds later, poof, they’re gone. Although it’s easy for individuals to shrug off this kind of short-term memory blip, small business owners and marketers have no such luxury. Taken as a single customer, it’s a lost lead or sale. Assessed across a full promotional campaign, it could be the difference between a runaway success or your marketing dollars going down the


What do you get for the person who has everything? Well, alongside the likes of Aston Martin and Swarowski, a custom phone number from RingBoost also makes the grade on this ridiculously awesome holiday gift guide from Goop!     Alternative Gift Ideas for 2018 Beyond the accepted gold standard items in the luxury category, Goop’s list sets off some interesting ideas for alternative gifting.  What caught our attention, inevitably, was the inclusion of a custom number from RingBoost, but there