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The Future of Cell Phones

Written by: on February 19, 2019

When you think about your personal cell phone use, you probably have a wish list of things you wish your device would do: longer battery life, faster app speed, greater storage. But sometimes, the best innovations are the ones you hadn’t thought of – but then can’t live without. BestCompany.com interviewed a panel of experts about what are the near- and long-term features and functionality we can expect out of our mobile devices. RingBoost was proud to be included in

The rise of digital marketing isn’t just about the perception of reduced cost or the excitement over a shiny new technology. It is also a backlash against traditional channels of communication. Namely: phone calls. Why are people so reluctant to get inbound calls these days? Especially considering how phone calls have been proven to be an excellent tool to enhance digital efforts and increase marketing ROI, one would think business owners would be more enthusiastic about this affordable marketing asset.

Brand strategy guides you when naming a company or its products, when designing the logo, and even when selecting the website domain that will be used. That same strategic mentality should guide you when picking another critical element of your brand: your phone number. More than just a functional tool, the right number can reinforce your brand personality with customers and prospects while improving advertising response rates. Don’t accept the generic number your phone carrier picks off the top of

Tactical Branding With Custom Phone Numbers

This is the final installment of the five-part series written by our partner Whitespark called How to Win at Local Search in 2019.  Your website needs links to help you rank. External links pointing to your site can have a significant impact on your ability to show up in search results. The majority of small business sites have little to no links other than citation links (business directories), but this can work in their favor when they can acquire a handful of quality

Up Close with Paul Faust

Written by: on January 31, 2019

RingBoost Partner and VP of Business Development, Paul Faust, was invited to an interview with The Startup Growth, an online resource for entrepreneurs.

Paul Faust, Entrepreneur

Our friends at Easybee are here with a guest post that adds a new layer to the important question: What happens after the call connects? You’ve secured your memorable phone number that helps increase response rates, but how do you take those inbound calls and make sure nothing falls through the cracks – while also keeping the operations of your business going? Enter the virtual answering service. What is a Virtual Receptionist? A virtual receptionist is a service that answers

Virtual Receptionist

This is the fourth installment of the five-part series written by our partner Whitespark called How to Win at Local Search in 2019.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can feel overwhelming for a small business trying to stand out in a crowd. Whether you hire a consultant to help you or are taking the reins yourself, it’s helpful to understand which elements of SEO can have the biggest impact. Five tips that will improve the visibility of your website. 1) Stop Under-utilizing Content High

This is the third installment of the five-part series written by our partner Whitespark called How to Win at Local Search in 2019.  Ensuring Your Vanity Number is Listed on the Top Sites 73% of people lose trust in brands due to inaccurate local business listings. Search Engine Watch If you’ve already scored your new and unforgettable phone number from RingBoost, you’ve taken the first step to make your contact details more memorable, you will want your new number updated on key listings