Friday's Finest: Verizon Loses a Logo, Maintains a Memorable Number

Verizon recently updated its logo to some mixed reviews, moving one of America's biggest brands on to its next evolution. What VZW didn't change, of course, is the very inclusive vanity number that encourages us to join their ranks. Take a look at the comparative ad ends below and you'll see a couple of common factors. Verizon Vanity Number 1-866-2-JOIN-IN For Verizon's new campaign especially, touting the benefits of joining its network to make the most of the new iPhone 6S, 1-866-2-JOIN-IN is a perfectly pitched brand asset. The 2 is well used as a substitute for the word "to," creating one of those vanity numbers that uses every digit to make a difference. The fact that Verizon's toll free vanity number is being used again also reminds us that a memorable number can be rolled out across multiple campaigns. It's one of the many benefits of a great phone number to your marketing mix and, let's face it, if one of the country's biggest brands can't be without a vanity number, it's probably something your business should have too! Start your search for a more memorable set of digits today, by browsing our extensive database of unforgettable vanity numbers

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