Case Study:

In 2013, A/C Solar Solutions explored the eco/green section of our vanity number database and licensed 1-800-SOLAR-USA.

At the height of a surge in public interest around green energy, the company chose a toll free vanity number to clearly communicate their core service and national reach. The 800 number provided an easy way to roll out marketing campaigns across multiple markets using one central piece of contact information, while the vanity portion offered an easy way for potential customers to remember who to call when they were ready to talk about their solar energy options.

AC Solar Solutions - 1-800-SOLAR-USA

Far from being a basic contact number, however, A/C Solar Solutions saw the deeper value in their new marketing investment.

The company created visual memes and highly engaging social media content that integrated their new vanity number, adding a brand asset and call to action to these pieces in one fell swoop.

Feel the power sun god

It is not always easy to navigate less promotional platforms like social networks without selling something, but the inclusion of a vanity number helpeed A/C Solar Solutions to walk that line in a fun and engaging way.

Vanity numbers are about much more than a slightly more interesting way to call; when used well, they become the cornerstone of a brand and a marketing tool that can be applied to any setting. As a way to bridge the gap between different marketing channels, there really is no better tool. A/C Solar Solutions understood this early on and have rolled out some excellent social media campaigns as a result.

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