Case Study:
Jessie’s House & Carpeting Cleaning

Building a High-Quality Reputation with 1-877-CLEANING

Jessie’s House & Carpet Cleaning is a family-run business with a specialty working with upscale clientele. They were seeking a way to build a strong brand reputation to entice prospective customers, and they selected the vanity toll-free number 1-877-CLEANING for the business. Using the catchy number effectively to build the perception of strength and commitment, Jessie’s experienced a marked increase in both the volume and quality of inbound inquiries that has helped the company grow and thrive.



All of Jessie’s cars display the memorable number


Jessie’s is careful to place the number in all channels, including video



A Need to Signal Superior Service

Jessie’s House & Carpet Cleaning has been serving the Jacksonville, FL area for nearly two decades. The company prides itself on providing high quality work that keeps clients returning again and again. They have built their success upon appealing to customers who seek cleaning teams that are detail-oriented and go above and beyond, delivering premium care for the home and the valuables inside.

With a marketplace crowded with mom and pop providers, this family-run business needed to set itself apart and signal the superior service they provide to capture the attention of their target market.


Securing 1-877-CLEANING

Jessie’s House & Carpet Cleaning secured the use of 1-877-CLEANING for their area starting in 2012. The number delivers many positive benefits including being easy to remember, describing the type of business they run, and building their brand reputation.

We wanted to create a perception that we’re bigger than an average small company. In our line of business, customers are letting a total stranger into their house, and therefore building trust from the first moment of interaction is very important. Especially for people who have large, expensive homes and a lot of valuable possessions, we want them to know that we take our work and their property very seriously. Having the number 1-877-CLEANING helps us to build a strong reputation.

– Fernando Medina, Manager

Jessie’s has made a concerted effort to be consistent in placing the number in all marketing including websites, car wraps, websites, email campaigns, videos, social media profiles and more. Having a memorable number helps reinforce the common thread in all outreach and improves the impact of their marketing.


Better Brand, Greater Revenue

Jessie’s House & Carpet Cleaning has seen an increase in not only call volume but an increase in call quality since implementing 1-877-CLEANING on marketing materials. Some new callers think they are dialing a national franchise and are delighted to hear it’s a small business with a deep understanding of the local community.

Although many people seeking home services go to Google first, phone calls are a primary channel to secure new clients. “We live in a digital world, but people still want to talk with someone,” Fernando observes. “Even if they fill in a form online, they always want to speak with someone before making a commitment; it makes them more comfortable. We’re able to book more jobs when we talk with someone.”

A surprisingly outcome has been the unexpected use of the vanity number by current customers. About 60% of incoming calls are place by new, prospective customers, and the other 40% represents repeat business where satisfied clients want to book the next job. Memorability isn’t just about attracting new people but also about being able to serve your client base more efficiently as well.

We want to be recognized as a significant force in our industry. What better way than to have it on our phone number? That resonates. People understand we’re serious because we’ve made an investment to incorporate the concept of cleaning into our phone number. It shows our commitment.

– Jessie’s House & Carpet Cleaning