Build Your Brand: Visual Identity

When we think of a world famous brand, one of the first things that springs to mind is their color scheme. After that, it tends to be the font they use and the advertising style they use.

Even if this is not a conscious process, it is undeniable that visual identity is at the core of building a great brand. Think Coca-Cola, UPS, or any of the four major U.S. cellular providers and we bet you can come up with their colors in less than a minute!

All of the elements above – and many more that catch the eye over time – add up to building a clear and appealing visual identity for your brand.

Top brands by state 2014

Top brands by state 2014 | Image Credit: Digital Capital

The Key Elements of Visual Branding

Of course most businesses do not have the financial resources to go out and spend on a major ad campaign to build that visual familiarity, but that need not stop you gathering the most important marketing elements together so that you can establish a base and develop that identity over time.

There are also a number of ways to build your brand without a major ad buy, which is where creative and affordable marketing tools come into play.

Some of the key elements to consider as you define the unique visual identity of your brand include:

  • Your logo or wordmark
  • Logo alternatives
  • Primary color palette
  • Secondary (alternative) color palette options
  • Typefaces and typography
  • Consistent contact details and format —  vanity number word or phrase, site URL, social media URLs
  • Consistent style for images and ads — mix of images, type, and memorable contact details
  • Photography style — focus style (soft or sharp), content (people, nature, etc) and structure (close up,  distance, angled)
  • Mascots or other illustrated imagery.

Based on the items above (and anything else you believe customers visually associate with your business), you can assemble all of the tools you need to build a brand that is visually unique to your industry.