Call Tracking Numbers

When you activate the advantages of a call tracking number, you empower your company to take control of its reporting and make better decisions as a result.

Every business has a marketing budget and must justify every dollar spent in terms of return on investment (ROI). The call tracking technology that comes with our vanity numbers allows you to identify every lead your business generates and follow it back to the source, giving credit to your most effective marketing channels. By understanding exactly which marketing initiative prompts more calls, you can allocate more money to what’s working and ditch what isn’t.

Unlike more complex and expensive marketing tracking methods, with vanity numbers you have no hardware or software to install. Our web-based application will be up and running in minutes, giving your marketing team immediate access to the lead generation data they need to make better decisions.


Call Tracking Numbers Mean Total Call Management

You can manage every aspect of your inbound calls with the Total Call Management system, which holds benefits for all business areas.

The advantages of call tracking via your vanity number include:

Call Monitoring

  • Capture caller information to make the most of follow up calls
  • Track and monitor outbound call performance
  • Recall customer call history in an instant to review previous conversations
  • View customer call data in real time

Call Measurement

  • Keep track of all-important marketing dollars by assigning a value to every call
  • Understand which call campaigns outperform others by comparing call tracking number metrics like duration, quality and source
  • Uncover deeper customer demographic data and call trends
  • Track response rates to each individual marketing campaign

Customer Service

  • Maintain a record of crucial customer service calls
  • Access archived call details in seconds to keep customers from repeating themselves
  • Synchronize incoming calls to computer systems for seamless interaction with your reps
  • Ensure compliance with Do Not Call (DNC) regulations

Employee Training

  • Record customer calls to train and monitor employees
  • Review your best call examples to emphasize and promote best practices
  • Save and share calls online for easier employee access
  • Protect employees by maintaining an archive of calls


The advantages of Total Call Management quickly translate to tangible increases in your bottom line. Training is optimized, customer service and reports improve, and your conversions increase when tracking data is used across all business functions. Learn more about how to convert more calls to sales by tracking your caller metrics more accurately.

With so many benefits, the call tracking and management options that a vanity number brings will quickly become a priceless addition to your marketing analysis, training, verification, and evaluation.

Contact us today to learn more about how call tracking numbers will benefit your business.