Intelligent Numbers

The benefits of intelligent numbers and the advantages of their use are well documented. Learn more about RingBoost technology and how your business can use vanity numbers to drive higher conversions and revenue.

When you need to increase the functionality of your phone network, intelligent numbers are the easiest way to do more for your customers without blowing your budget in one go.

When you invest in a vanity number from RingBoost, you are paying for more than just a memorable number and all the benefits it brings. You also obtain the technology that powers them and unlock a wide variety of value-added features that mean you can serve your customer more effectively.


The Advantages & Benefits of Intelligent Numbers from RingBoost

RingBoost phone numbers use a technology called Voice2SMS to integrate with your existing telephone system and offer big brand services, built in to the affordable price of your vanity number. This makes your vanity an intelligent number in more than just name, as it opens up a whole new range of services that add value for your customers.

The resulting system can be used to present callers with options to receive any of your mobile offerings, including a link to your website, video content, app downloads, coupons and a whole lot more, including:

  • Contest Instructions
  • Company Information
  • Donation Information
  • E-Commerce Order Status
  • Office Directions


Intelligent Numbers on Mobile and Land Lines

Customer relationship management is often overlooked, but with more than two-thirds of the U.S. population now using a smartphone, there is no better time to develop your mobile database.

When a caller opts in to one of your mobile offerings, they will be sent both the information they requested and a follow up text to check if they’d like to receive further offers from your company. One quick confirmation means they join your mobile database and all of the marketing potential that this entails.

The system is equally effective for land line callers.

Voice2SMS Technology has a proprietary feature that identifies callers based on their location. Land line callers can be quickly flagged and prompted to enter their mobile numbers, allowing them to receive additional information in the same way as a direct mobile caller. This bridges the gap when someone is calling you from home or at work and would like to hear more about your organization when they are on-the-go. It can help your company convert more land line callers to mobile app users, email subscribers, and many other services that you are able to offer them but which they might not know about.

Intelligent numbers put your customer in control of the relationship, allowing them to choose where the information flows and giving you the technology to help them do it.

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