Premium Vanity Numbers for Home Improvement

As every homeowner know, there’s always another maintenance job right around the corner. Some folks are skilled enough to take on the challenge themselves, but there are plenty of us who prefer to call in a professional. When that time comes it helps to have a contractor you know you want to call, which is why so many home improvement professionals love vanity numbers.

A memorable contact number makes it easy for customer to recall your digits. Using a premium vanity number for home improvement marketing, though? That’s an opportunity not only to make your company easy to call, but also to enhance your brand with a word/phrase that says who you are or what you do.

Like a reputable contractor, a premium vanity number builds trust in your brand and gives your business a marketing edge that lasts long after others have faded.

1-888-REMODEL vanity number

Premium Vanity Numbers: Perfect for Home Improvement Contractors

Home improvement contractors can use several different strategies to get the most out of a memorable number.

One option is to set up a number that promises information and education. Jobs around the house can be difficult to do. For these companies, a number like 1-844-4-HELPFIX can work wonders. The toll free prefix is often associated by customers with customer service or information lines, with the value of a no-cost call thrown in for good measure. The ‘4 HELP FIX’ clearly tells potential callers that they can expect assistance and emphasizes the contractor’s focus on lending a helping hand through professional experience.

In some case, home improvement professionals find the best approach is to emphasize their area of expertise and offer a number that hints at that value. Here, a number like 1-877-REMODEL (similar to the image you see above, which catches the eye immediately) offers an effective way to remember both what you do and how customers can get in touch. It also has a general value that covers a number of skills, which adds a versatility that many small business marketers will find valuable across different campaigns.

Often the number doesn’t even need to focus on the brand, it can simply continue the advertising context that it occupies. In those cases it’s worthwhile communicating a clear value proposition, as is the case with a premium vanity number for plumbers like 1-888-UNCLOG-ME. This type of vanity number gets right to the point and tells potential callers exactly what your service will do for them.

All of these premium home improvement vanity numbers take a varied approach to a common concept: helping customers remember who to call when they a maintenance job comes up that they just can’t handle on their own. That’s a quality that every contractor could benefit from having in their marketing toolkit, so the only question is which number works best for your business.

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