How to Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Advertising is everywhere. Research estimates that the average consumer sees between 3,000 to 5,000 ads every day. Unfortunately, we typically only remember a handful of them, often fewer than 10.


A memorable phone number, much like a catchy advertising slogan or that jingle that your brain just can’t shake, makes your business one of those remarkable few.

Select a vanity number that tells people who you are, what you do, and how well you do it. It raises awareness of your business and helps to build your brand. That’s not the only way, of course, to differentiate yourself (but it is undeniably one of the best). 

More Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

Business success is dependent on a variety of factors, from the quality of the product and level of competition, to the creativity with which you approach your marketing. Here are five more ways you may want to consider as opportunities on how to make your business stand out from the competition.

  • Create a Memorable Service Experience: There are few things more enjoyable as a consumer than feeling as though someone truly cares about you and the experience you’ve had with a brand. Identify a way that you can make even the most mundane experience unique and you’ll secure a customer life. Using a vanity phone number for calling tracking, for example, could reveal useful information about your best customers and even identify opportunities where your sales and support team might be able to improve.
  • Speak Your Customers Language: One of the most serious mistakes companies make is to use jargon when dealing with their customers. When a customer understand what you’re saying, however, they’ll remember you and return to get the same experience in the future. In many ways, that’s what makes memorable custom toll-free phone numbers so powerful – since they’re easy to remember, customers don’t have to think too much about their buying choice because your brand is always top of mind.
  • Deliver Unique & Compelling Offers: That 10% coupon just isn’t going to work anymore. Rewards, giveaways and and frequent buyers programs have risen dramatically in popularity over the years for good reason – they make it easier for your business to stand out from the competition. The type of offer is certainly important but so is how that offer is delivered. RingBoost offers local phone numbers with features that enable businesses to take advantage of SMS messaging – a powerful way to get in front of audiences with compelling offers.
  • Adopt Cause Marketing: When you align your business with a good cause, the positive sentiment will remain in the minds of users and make your competition look like a hoarde of rogues when compared to your enterprise. RingBoost offers vanity numbers for nonprofits at no cost. Consider supporting a nonprofit, running a joint marketing venture, and make sure to use a vanity number in your promotions – they aid in brand recall and will make sure your business stands out in the long term.