Inbound Calls Convert

Can we share a little marketing secret with you? Inbound phone calls to your business convert way better than Web leads. 

We know that online marketing hogs all the attention, but time after time we see inbound phone calls dominating web-generated leads in terms of value. And when we say value, we mean real, tangible revenue. 

In fact, we see inbound calls as 10 times more likely to translate into revenue than sales leads that are generated online. Those are numbers you can’t ignore, and that bring us neatly to vanity numbers.

When was the last time you wrote down a phone number that you heard in an advertisement – a radio ad, a television ad, etc.? It’s rare, especially when potential customers are driving, rushing to a meeting, or busy with household chores.

Millions of advertising dollars are thrown away each and every year by businesses who promote phone numbers that no one responds to. Despite this, businesses continue to ask that these ineffective phone numbers be broadcast in commercials, thinking that these channels work as well as print to boost inbound calls. They don’t, so don’t waste any more time and money on a number no one can remember!

Use a phone number in a broadcast commercial only if that number is memorable. Not every business can have something as perfect as 1-800-FLOWERS, but the easier your number is to remember, the more effective it will be at turning those advertising dollars into valuable inbound sales calls.

Think about how to have every advertising spot make listeners want to call your business.  Then make it easy for them to call. (Repeat that sentence again out loud for effect). If you have a memorable number, craft your ad around it: benefit/phone number, benefit/phone number, repeat to fade. Alternatively, challenge the listener to recall the number. Make a joke about it. Make a song about it or make it rhyme.


Inbound Calls Convert
Inbound Calls Convert; Explore RingBoost’s Massive Director of Custom, Vanity Numbers for Free

The bottom line? Make that phone number more memorable. 

So stop tacking a phone number onto ads as an afterthought, when in reality it’s one of your most valuable marketing hooks!

If boosting calls to your business isn’t enough, keep in mind that these new customers will also refer your services again and again, all thanks to your memorable vanity number. Having a memorable vanity number not only keeps people coming back for more, it makes it simple for them to recommend you over and over again.

And with all of those inbound calls 10x more likely to convert than web leads, your only challenge will be making sure you have enough sales people to pick up all those calls.

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