Calls 2 Conversions: Make More of Your Increased Call Volume

There’s no denying the power of a vanity number to improve recall of your company’s details and, as a result, drive greater call volume for your sales team. We focus on that element of vanity number marketing so much because, well, it’s the most direct success to show you and we’re extremely proud of the results our memorable numbers achieve!

The next phase is of course equally important to your business: closing those new calls you get and converting them into customers.

Conversion success mostly comes down to value of what you sell and the people you employ to sell it, but there are many ways in which a vanity number can support that success. From building your brand on your memorable number to using its associated features to improve tracking and training for your sales function, this is a valuable area to explore and squeeze even more value from this versatile marketing tool.

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Introducing, Calls 2 Conversions

With our series Calls 2 Conversions, we want to show you the most effective ways to leverage the extra features and functions that a vanity number brings to the table.

The goal is to take that increased call volume and make sure that you have the conversion process down to a fine art. From coaching sales staff to close more deals to analyzing call data to optimize your sales efforts, we’ll explore all of the areas in which a vanity number can offer even more insight for your sales team.

Additional entries will be published every week, so be sure to bookmark this page as your ongoing resource for making the most of those memorable digits.

To get you started, here are the entries that we’ve made so far:


If you still have to secure a more memorable number for your firm, now is the time!

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