Local Features

Our portal puts you in control – check the number of calls you have received, change your call forwarding and much more.
You will be able to adjust your call forwarding without reaching out to a member of the RingBoost team. The forwarding number can be adjusted as often as you like at no cost to you.
Gather important information on your current and prospective clients by seeing the caller ID and duration of the call in real time.
Have you ever received an unwanted call on your local number? Well, you can block specific numbers, area codes, or NXXs and never receive a call from that area or number again.
Worried about missing calls? Every time your local number is called a notification can be sent to your email at no extra cost to you.
Identify calls that are being forwarded from your RingBoost number without even picking up the call.
Use your Ringboost number to also receive faxes to your email address in PDF format.
Send voicemails received on your number to an email of your choice.
Conduct and record audio conference calls with up to 25 participants.
Play a brief announcement that only you will hear before a call is connected. You can choose between a default voice option or record one yourself.
By recording calls that come in to your number you can monitor your employees’ interactions with customers or get a better understanding of what prospective clients are asking for.
Receive and send text messages from your RingBoost number through email.
Preferred: 500 texts included per month
Premium: 1000 texts included per month
Making waiting for a representative a pleasure for your customers by using a wide arrange of on hold-music which includes a wide range of genres and multi-platinum artists.
Never want to miss a call? Planning for a holiday weekend? Schedules allow you to route calls based on the day and time the call is received.
Need to check your voicemail on the go? With voicemail transcription you can receive every message in text format
Measure your calls received to your number by direction, duration, and time of day to best track your best sales reps and busiest time to make sure you are getting the most out of your advertising spend
Unlimited video conferencing with screen share for you and up to 25 participants. Please note that you will not be using your Ringboost number as part of this service.
Put your best foot forward by greeting your customers with a recording done by a wide array of professional voice talent.