Improve Your Inbound Calls with a Local Vanity Number

What happens when you want all the great benefits of a memorable vanity number but don’t want to lose the familiarity of your local area code?

That’s the time to turn to a local vanity number!

Local vanity numbers offer your business the best of both worlds. As advantageous as toll-free 800 numbers are, local dial codes can be a comforting factor when your business operates in a certain area. Unfortunately very few generic numbers are easy to remember, which is why you need a memorable word, phrase, or set of easily memorized digits to help your customers out.

Missing out on sales leads simply isn’t acceptable in today’s competitive environment, which is what makes vanity numbers such a powerful marketing tool to boost calls to your business.

How Do Local Vanity Numbers Work?

Just as 800 numbers add a word or phrase to a toll-free prefix to improve customer recall and boost calls, the same can be done to telephone numbers in your area code.

Many business owners like to add a local flavor to marketing materials so that customers distinguish them from big brands. The local touch is an important competitive advantage for some companies, which makes an area code that people know and trust an important part.

But generic local contact numbers still suffer from the “forgettable factor.” Your customers like that they can contact you with a local call, but can never recall the rest of your digits.

Local vanity numbers bridge that gap by offering customers a familiar phrase or repetitive digits to dial when they need your help. Our routing technology pushes the call to your memorable number through to your regular business number (or numbers that you select), making for a quick and seamless way to boost sales calls without disrupting your existing set up.

What Are My Options for a Local Vanity Number?

The two main types of local number that we recommend are:

  1. 1) Local vanity numbers that begin with your area code and end with a word, phrase or name.
  2. 2) Local easy dial numbers that are entirely numeric.

The wording you choose for the former is important because it will reflect your brand, products and services and makes the number more memorable. To see what options are available in your area, use our local vanity number search tool.

Alternatively, local easy dials stick to numbers to make a connection with your customer. These numbers make use of repetition and familiar sequences to make your number easier to recall. The combination of your area code, which customers already know and trust, and memorable numeric sequences like 444-5555 or 500-5555, make for an appealing alternative to a word or phrase.

Both options provide an important marketing upgrade to easily forgotten, generic local numbers. When customers in your area can remember your local number off the top of their head, you’re going to get a lot more calls!

Our experienced team is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect local vanity number or local easy dial.

Call us today on 1-877-RINGBOOST or fill out a quick contact form to get started.