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Custom Phone Numbers for Cannabis & Marijuana Businesses

Vanity Phone Numbers for Cannabis & Marijuana Businesses including medical and recreational dispensaries.

One of the fastest “growing” industries (pun intended) in the world right now is that of cannabis products and consumers are high on the possibilities!

Emerging and established marijuana businesses don’t have to try too hard to create demand, but they do need to get creative with how they market their brands and services to become the provider of choice. And those challenges will be amplified with the acceleration of new entrants into the market.

Spending on legal cannabis worldwide is expected to reach $57 billion in the next 10 years (source: Arcview Market Research.) The time is now for marketers and advertisers to do something to stand out and make a long-lasting name for their brand. Only the savviest enterprises will stand the test of time and it will likely be those that invest in proven strategies like the use of a vanity or custom phone number.

Phone calls are a tried-and-true way to connect with prospects and nurture existing customers to generate greater sales and build long term loyalty. Extremely efficient compared to the tedious back-and-forth of web forms and emails, using a custom phone number for your cannabis business is a great way to connect with customers who have questions. Memorable numbers, whether local or national toll-free help you stand out and appear more established. Not only do they improve advertising response rates, the calls can be automatically routed to wherever you want: the front desk of a marijuana dispensary, a call center, or even a mobile phone.

For marijuana businesses considering a custom, vanity phone number, RingBoost has access to the largest selection of both local and toll-free numbers. Search through our database of Vanity Numbers and see how high your business can go!

  • Increase calls to your cannabis business up to 300%
  • Appear more established and legitimate
  • Be different & more memorable
  • Support word-of-mouth referrals

The Legalized Cannabis Market is Booming

Despite federal prohibition, a majority of states already have a legal medical canabis program and upwards of 20 percent have legalized marijuana for personal use - from California to Colorado, and Michigan to Maine. As the culture in the United States grows more accepting, businesses are emerging to capitalize on the opportunity and marketing you cannabis company will become a top priority.

As a business owner, or someone looking not to miss out the green rush, the role of branding is going to take center stage. While there are many opportunities to promote your company - from billboards to digital advertising - what smart business owners realize is that they must position their companies in a way that will drive recall.

Breeders, cultivators, dispensaries, and extractors, not to mention the many cannabis manufacturers and ancillary businesses, stand to benefit from nationwide legalization. Don't miss out on an incredible opportunity - establish your brand today, and do it with a vanity phone number!

What is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity number, often called a custom number, is a local or toll-free telephone number that a business uses in their marketing to support brand recall with consumers. Vanity numbers come in many forms including phone-words or all-numeric phone numbers or a hybrid of both.

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