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Custom Phone Numbers for Real Estate Agents & Investors

Buy a Vanity or Custom Phone Number to Boost Your Real Estate Business

The high level of competition in the real estate market has long driven significant investment in marketing and advertising. No amount of advertising can force someone to have to sell their house, but when the time comes, you want to be the first call they make. A quality phone number can be the key to your success

While word-of-mouth (and mouse) referrals are often a substantial source of new business for realtors, agents and real estate investors, social media and advertising spend are reaching historic levels. So how can you stand out in the crowded landscape? You must make a memorable impression, make it easy for people to reach you, and make it even easier for your customers to refer you. A custom phone number can do all of that.

The use of custom phone numbers, often called vanity numbers, is an effective way to improve message and brand recall and maximize the return on investment within marketing and advertising channels. Memorable numbers catch people's attention, improve advertising response rates, and get you on the road to building a strong relationship with prospects from the very first connection.

  • Increase calls to your real estate business by 300% or more
  • Appear more established and professional
  • Be different (and more memorable) from the competition
  • Support word-of-mouth referrals among clients

RingBoost has access to the largest selection of local and toll-free numbers for real estate businesses. Search our database of Vanity or Easy Dial numbers, with awesome choices at every price point. Calls to these custom phone numbers, which can be local (using a specific area code) or national (with a toll-free number), can be sent automatically to your receptionist, a call center, or even a mobile phone.

Months of steady marketing and visibility will pay off when your super-memorable phone number is on the top of homeowners’ minds and at the tip of their dialing finger.

Search through our database of Vanity Numbers or Easy Dial Numbers and you’ll be excited at the incredible choices no matter what your budget.

What is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity number, often called a custom number, is a local or toll-free telephone number that a business uses in their marketing to support brand recall with consumers. Vanity numbers come in many forms including phonewords or all-numeric phone numbers.

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