Pick Your Perfect Vanity Number

When the time comes to pick a memorable vanity number for your business, there is a lot more to think about than you might realize at first. Your number is an extension of your brand, after all, and that strategy is not something any great brand takes lightly.

So how do you pick the perfect vanity number for your business niche? And what type of number will work best with your target market?

“Every market is different,” says Paul Faust, RingBoost VP of Business Development, adding that “ultimately it’s what you’re comfortable with… and how clients want to reach you.”

Perhaps the most important point he identifies from his extensive experience in the market is that it is a major positive to consider a variety of options, then let your customer decide how they want to contact you. Rather than force customers down

Rather than force customers down any single communication channel, or assume that we know everything about what consumers want, offering both a local and toll free memorable contact option, for example, will help you to understand which works best. On the one hand, this provides additional marketing real estate for your business.  On the other, it offers the best of both worlds for your customer.

Take a look at the flow chart below, courtesy of our friends at Software Advice, to understand just how much consideration can go into finding the right number for your business.

vanity number search decision tree

Considerations When Picking Your Perfect Vanity Number

With so many options available, you will need to navigate our extensive selection of vanity numbers with your marketing strategy in mind.

To select the right vanity phone number for your business consider the following points:

  • Be Specific:  Check your company name and the message  that defines exactly what your business offers. If your name will not work or is not available, focus your choice on a number that communicates, clearly and efficiently, what your business is about. A search of our number database by industry is a great place to begin to brainstorm  as  you start your search.
  • Get Creative: Widen your search if your first choice vanity isn’t available. Many industries are highly competitive and companies may have already snapped up several prime vanity numbers to dominate the field. The good news is that a little creativity goes a long way and you can still secure a memorable, effective number in the most competitive industry. Make a list of words that cover the main areas associated with your business. Use that list to restart your search from another angle if others are not working out.
  • Simple and Memorable:  Consumers usually recall number sequences that are linear (like 4,5,6,7) or repetitive (like 555, 5050 or 5000). As you select your vanity number, focus on those that are simple to say and quickly committed to memory. Think about the numbers that you remember on billboards and TV ads and why they stuck in your mind.
  • National Number or Local Line: Great 800 numbers are harder and harder to find, so it might be necessary to search outside of this conventional range. Look at local versions of the number you want. It may not have been claimed for a specific region and you can often get exactly the same benefits – perhaps more – with a local dial.
  • Lines and Locations: If your business has several locations, you might want to track performance at each of them. This means that multiple numbers need to be in play, so consider whether you need to keep the overall package of numbers in sync with one another, or if it is acceptable for each location to bring its own ideas to the vanity number that will represent them.

Most importantly of all, never get frustrated. Even if your first or second choices are not available, there are more than enough memorable options in our database to pick another number that is perfect for your business. Simply consider the ideas above from another angle, or examine your brand in another light to come up with some alternative words or phrases for your number.

Of course, RingBoost is always ready to help business owners and marketers search for the perfect vanity number, so contact us if you need help.