As you might expect coming from us, the answer is “vanity phone numbers!” The same toll-free vanity number, as it happens, because Drake’s summer hit ‘Hotline Bling’ is also proving to be a boon/burden [deleted as applicable] to fraud protection service, 1-800-HOTLINE. Hot-Line Credit Card Security is the company behind the 1-800-HOTLINE number, which is where anyone inspired to call Drake’s extended version gets connected. A reporter at Thrillist, for example, who wrote an article chronicling his experience dialing the number.


The year is coming to a close and we’ll soon be back in the action of working towards business goals of the next twelve months. This inevitably incorporates a major marketing element, which is intimately related to understanding your brand and building awareness of what it stands for. Before the holidays begin and the year is out, it’s worth taking a bird’s eye view of your brand and asking some broad questions about what you can improve in the near

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