Marketing News Digest: August 2017

Written by: on September 5, 2017

Every month, we bring you a concise summary of the marketing headlines that matter. From branding and advertising news to expert views on how to make your business more memorable, you’ll find plenty here to chew on. If you missed our July edition, you can get a recap right here. If you’re here for everything that happened in August, read on! Marketing News: August 2017 For anyone who spent more time on holidays than headlines last month, these are some


What Is Your Advertising Plan for 2016?

Written by: on December 29, 2015

Advertising can make or break your brand. Depending on the effectiveness of the tools in your marketing kit, adverts are either the best money you can spend or, in the worst-case scenario, ads can simply be bucks that you’re sending straight down the drain. So what makes the difference between a valuable ad that builds your brand and one that gets forgotten in seconds? It all comes down to memory, or really a lack of it. The Importance of Ads in

Times Square Ads

Between smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are close to being the norm in households across the U.S. Crucially, almost half of those who own them say they use the device as they watch the big screen. While its preferred role would be to keep viewers glued to the movie or television, the second screen has become a necessary for the entertainment industry. For brands, this means that the creative effort poured into marketing must now extend beyond the big screen.

Smartphone and tablet on laptop