The advent of digital advertising offered business owners more places than ever to spread awareness of their products and services. With more and more budget allocated to these channels, the need to improve ad response rates and demonstrate ROI is crucial. Achieving this with a full marketing team is difficult enough, but for small business marketers with limited resources it can be especially tough. If you only think about marketing when results drop or a new campaign is launched, that won’t be


Advertising campaigns don’t come with guarantees. You do your best to determine the right strategy, the right message, the right placement. But how much time do you spend on the right call-to-action? In our guest post on DIY Marketers, we outline the seven reasons why a memorable number is a game changer in reducing marketing risk and improving response rates. Head on over to the DIY Marketers website and read the details.        

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Move over Shake Shack, Business Insider has listed two pizza companies as the fastest growing fast-casual dining restaurants of 2017. But, nearly half of the revenue in the pizza industry comes from independent owners. With so much competition, how do these business owners keep their audiences coming back slice after slice? Through careful marketing, thoughtful advertising, and loyalty building.   Fit Small Business reached out to RingBoost Vice President Paul Faust for his take on what makes for a winning

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Although they say the classics never go out of style, even the most lauded titles experience a period of being overlooked. This is as true for marketing channels as it is for classic movies and television shows. Should you need proof, look no further than the latest Netflix billboard advertising campaign.  The online streaming giant will invest millions in billboard ads this summer, primarily to spread the word about high-profile shows like the critically-acclaimed newcomer GLOW and the sixth season of

Since the turn of the century, established marketing channels have been vying with their more compelling digital offspring to win more of your marketing budget. But is the decision really that binary? It’s no secret that digital marketing channels offer a lot. Marketers are able to gather and analyze much more data, providing deeper insights into both the individual customer journey and wider consumer behavior. This changes how most companies plan and execute promotional campaigns.     Contrary to popular

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Getting a memorable phone number is one of the best marketing decisions you will ever make as a business owner. Once you have that number, however, a new challenge presents itself: how do I use this tool to its full potential? Marketing to a local community can be both competitive and challenging. That being said, there are ways to reach your audience that larger brands find tough to match. Your custom number also gives you the upper hand in almost


Think back to the last significant item you bought. Why did you purchase that particular product? If you are like most people, you gravitate toward recognizable, powerful brands that you know and trust. Brands convey to consumers a great deal of information. The most compelling brands carefully craft their public image over time to build consumer trust and loyalty. It is not an easy task — a brand can quickly fall victim to a bad reputation for incredibly minor problems.


Contrary to hyperbole from some corners of the digital marketing community, print advertising is not dead. Although traditional magazines and print media have seen a decline over the past decade, the print industry has continued to flourish as one of the most effective marketing strategies available to small businesses. As such, print ad design and execution remains an important part of any creative marketing campaign. In fact, recent market research conducted by Penn State University has shown that consumers not

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It takes money to make money, or so conventional wisdom tells us; it is true to a certain extent. Marketing is an essential part of a business’ success, yet many companies cut corners with their marketing budget and penny-pinch when times are tough. In fact, some businesses even fail to allocate any spend for marketing. If businesses want and expect to grow, however, they need to think hard about where to promote the business and how big that budget should


When new businesses begin to synthesize their brand strategy, they think about choosing the right business name, acquiring a matching domain name, and creating a logo that conveys both originality and consistency. What asset do many fail to include? Custom 800 numbers. This makes little sense. Branded 800 numbers have been among the most impactful tools available for almost three decades. Internet marketing is important, but brands seeking to stand out from their competition in the modern marketplace need to