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It takes money to make money, or so conventional wisdom tells us; it is true to a certain extent. Marketing is an essential part of a business’ success, yet many companies cut corners with their marketing budget and penny-pinch when times are tough. In fact, some businesses even fail to allocate any spend for marketing. If businesses want and expect to grow, however, they need to think hard about where to promote the business and how big that budget should


This is a guest article contributed by Chanell Alexander on behalf of TrustRadius. Chanell currently resides in Atlanta, GA. When she’s not traveling and trying new restaurants in the Metro Atlanta area, she writes about the latest technology and tools for TrustRadius Marketers always hear that customer reviews and testimonials are essential to a successful marketing strategy, but it is easy to forget just how important they are. Knowing how to use your customer’s voice to enhance communication with other


At this point, it’s fair to say that most business marketers understand that social networking is more than just a passing fad. But which is the best social media platform to communicate with your customers? The answer varies according to your objectives, style, and business sector, so we’ve created this quick guide and visual to help determine which social network is right for your company.     What’s the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business? Here’s how the main social


Brand Balance: Consistency vs. Coherence

Written by: on November 5, 2015

Branding is both art and science; a delicate balance of creative flair and cognitive research. For that reason – and so many more – it’s crucial to view your brand as both a firm foundation and an evolving entity. In the same way that your business is guided by an underlying mission statement, your brand is rooted in a set of core values that should inform every aspect of your marketing. Those elements aren’t static either, but they should be consistent enough

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Now that we’re almost three-quarters of the way through the year, it seems safe to say that live streaming will be the defining social media story of 2015. From the SXSW-inspired madness surrounding Meerkat, through the more refined, Twitter-backed app experience of Periscope and recent feature announcements from Facebook and Samsung/YouTube, streaming live video to a highly engaged, albeit early adopter audience is the latest piece of the online marketing puzzle. For brand managers this poses a familiar decision: should

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There are times when it’s the simplest solutions that are the most effective. Even in the current climate of rapidly advancing technology and marketing channels, this holds true. For all the app-based solutions, programmatic advertising  and algorithm-driven analysis available to your business today, could it really be  the case that a simple switch of digits in your phone number will make all the difference to the number of new customers you attract? Our Minds Are Hard-Wired to Associate Numbers with Action

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