brand recall

There are times when it’s the simplest solutions that are the most effective. Even in the current climate of rapidly advancing technology and marketing channels, this holds true. For all the app-based solutions, programmatic advertising  and algorithm-driven analysis available to your business today, could it really be  the case that a simple switch of digits in your phone number will make all the difference to the number of new customers you attract? Our Minds Are Hard-Wired to Associate Numbers with Action

hands reaching for phone

We write a lot on the subject of memorable marketing because that’s what drives us: making your business easier to remember for potential customers when the time to buy comes. Marketing is undeniably part art form, but there’s also plenty of science underlying the artistry. Memorable marketing plays well with the brain, which is where neuroscience comes into play as a useful addition to your brand’s tool kit. And while we have a pretty good handle on how your customer’s mind works,