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Whether you’re wandering the aisles at Barnes & Noble or browsing the audiobook listings on Audible, there’s no shortage of book recommendations for business owners. Too many, in most cases! Because we work with all kinds of small business owners and entrepreneurs, we have a firm understanding of what makes them tick. That’s why we feel confident offering up these four titles for your summer reading list – assuming it isn’t already full, that is!   4 Book Recommendations for

Measure what matters, as the old adage goes. Yet while most of us understand the importance of tracking performance, it’s also true that not all marketing metrics are created equal. In general, the era of digital marketing has made our work more measurable than ever before. Unfortunately, survey results suggest that four out of five CEOs don’t trust their marketing department’s activity. Clearly, there’s a disconnect somewhere. The most likely explanation is that those marketing teams have failed to effectively calculate and


If you paid any attention to the festive sales period, you probably noticed a lot of smart speakers on offer. Whether or not you personally bought one, plenty of others did; some 25 million of these devices were sold in the U.S. last year, with almost 11 million of those in the final two months of the year. What does all this have to do with getting more calls for your business? Every one of these devices has the ability

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Marketing News Digest: December 2017

Written by: on January 4, 2018

Happy New Year! As 2017 came to a close, a lot of good marketing headlines were submerged beneath last-minute meetings, seasonal shopping, and other forms of festive excess. That’s why we gathered together some of the more important news items into this quick monthly digest. Marketing News: December 2017 Here are some of the stories you might have missed during the final month of the year: Exclusive and Anxious E-mails: These are two of the many takeaways from the team


Driving inbound calls to your business has never been more important. As technology advances, it’s tempting to think that everyone wants to get in touch via the latest fun app or newest social network feature. While we can’t ignore those trends – indeed, every business should be trying to get ahead of them – Over the last few years, we’ve noticed a number of articles and studies springing up to support this idea, leaving a compelling case for business owners to

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Marketing News Digest: August 2017

Written by: on September 5, 2017

Every month, we bring you a concise summary of the marketing headlines that matter. From branding and advertising news to expert views on how to make your business more memorable, you’ll find plenty here to chew on. If you missed our July edition, you can get a recap right here. If you’re here for everything that happened in August, read on! Marketing News: August 2017 For anyone who spent more time on holidays than headlines last month, these are some


For most businesses, keeping leads in the pipeline is a full-time pursuit. It’s why you have teams of salespeople prospecting for new customers, inbound marketing campaigns trying to convert site visitors at every turn, and memorable brand assets that keep your company top of mind with potential clients. When it comes to winning new business, there’s nothing more important than having a diverse set of marketing initiatives to drum up new leads. Experimenting with new ideas and testing new lead

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5 Industries Where Calls Come First

Written by: on August 26, 2016

There are few communication channels more personal than the humble phone call. While digital routes to engage customers have grown in importance over the last decade, they still can’t replicate the individual interaction that a call can provide. If your customer has a question, speaking with a real person is often the best way to get an answer. This is especially true in certain industries, as new research from Think With Google confirms. Every business should make the most of inbound

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There’s a lot to be said for online marketing when it comes to brand awareness and generating buzz. The resources and interaction that web-based channels offer are clearly a must-have marketing tool for any small business strategy. Come around to conversions, however, and almost every business marketer or manager will tell you they want their phones ringing off the hook. Econsultancy has published an excellent two-part article – part one here – listing ways to get more phone leads, which also

Having a long-term marketing strategy is undeniably important, but sometimes your business just needs a new injection of leads right here, right now. Although there are very few ways to transform your lead generation overnight (with the possible exception of a more memorable number, but of course we’re always partial to those!), there are some marketing methods that act faster than most. Today we’ll pick up on eight of them to get your sales team on track and give them

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