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As we’ve seen throughout our semi-regular Friday’s Finest series, there are many ways to make your contact number more memorable. From adding brand value to describing what you do, there are many nuances to a great number. Today’s example is an excellent vanity number in its own right, but we like it even more for the advantages it demonstrates in almost any descriptive number. 1-800-CAR-MATS is notable not only for its simplicity – and those adorable dogs! – but also

Cars Mats Marketing Number

When we think about great phone numbers, memorable brand names or a single word usually spring to mind first. But if your brand is a common name and just one word doesn’t feel like enough, creative marketers and business owners turn to action verbs! Our favorite finest number this week is a perfect (and patriotic) example of that, and includes some extr marketing angles to explore for good measure: 1-800-GO-GUARD. Obviously the action verb here is “Go,” and it works

National Guard contact number

There are times when it’s the simplest solutions that are the most effective. Even in the current climate of rapidly advancing technology and marketing channels, this holds true. For all the app-based solutions, programmatic advertising  and algorithm-driven analysis available to your business today, could it really be  the case that a simple switch of digits in your phone number will make all the difference to the number of new customers you attract? Our Minds Are Hard-Wired to Associate Numbers with Action

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This week’s Friday’s Finest vanity number is a reminder just how versatile vanity numbers can be. When applied alongside other forms of marketing, a memorable phone number becomes all the more valuable. The best campaigns make the most of several forms of media, which is why this television advert encouraging Dish customers to call a number and/or go online to register their concern about losing CBS last year was a big winner with us. The number itself employs a clear call

Keep CBS vanity number