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With so many commercial entities trying to stand out online and win new business, learning how to localize business content for your target market is one way to attract more qualified prospects into your pipeline. Local marketing is more of a fine-art than the broad strokes campaigns run by national brands. It demands the exact calibration of tactics like search engine optimization and social media advertising with the intangible finesse of knowing your area and where people gather. Although combining these elements


Senior healthcare is not a subject that immediately lends itself to traditional sales and marketing techniques. Fraught with emotion and defined by personal relationships, services like home care and hospice require more conversation and empathy than a direct sales pitch. The team at Hartford Healthcare at Home provides a compelling example of care leading conversions in their latest video. While brand assets like their logo and tagline – ‘Connect to Healthier’ – are everpresent, alongside a clear contact point with

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Friday’s Finest: Over to You!

Written by: on January 26, 2018

We like to feature the best and brightest uses of vanity numbers whenever we can, from local repeaters that build a brand to unforgettable 800 numbers that give a small business access to enterprise level contact details. Even so, the best examples of memorable marketing usually come from our clients and friends. With that in mind, we’re turning it over to you! Send us your examples of unforgettable marketing campaigns that use memorable phone numbers and we’ll be happy to share them

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Marketing News Digest: August 2017

Written by: on September 5, 2017

Every month, we bring you a concise summary of the marketing headlines that matter. From branding and advertising news to expert views on how to make your business more memorable, you’ll find plenty here to chew on. If you missed our July edition, you can get a recap right here. If you’re here for everything that happened in August, read on! Marketing News: August 2017 For anyone who spent more time on holidays than headlines last month, these are some


We know the telecoms industry has plenty of its own jargon, but it pales in comparison to the unending acronyms thrown up by online marketing. Thankfully we can now Google anything that’s unclear. So much so that search engines themselves now have dedicated strategies all of their own. SEO and SEM are two of the most prominent, so it’s these that we’ll examine today to make more of your online marketing spend (and ensure that customers can find you in

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When you consider Twitter for business, it’s easy to write it off almost as fast as you signed up. There’s a lot of noise, too much link dumping, and more trolls than you can fit under the Golden Gate Bridge. It can look like a hot mess after just a few seconds and that’s not much of a first impression to serve up for potential business users. However, that problem can also be its potential. Twitter looks noisy because it’s open to everyone – aside

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When is a promoted post not a promoted post? When it’s a promoted visual.  That’s no joke, but it is a growing trend among marketers trying to find the sweet spot for their online ad spend. Demonstrating two trends in one, in fact, three quarters of brand marketers surveyed in a study by IZEA chose to use some form of sponsored image. With paid Pinterest pins showing a significant uptick, the expectation is rising for other highly visual platforms that introduced branded content

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Examining the Essentials of Content Marketing

Written by: on December 19, 2014

There are plenty of times when one person’s villain is another’s hero, and the same concept can be applied to content marketing: one person’s advertising is another’s indispensable reading material. The goal for your small business content is to make sure that what you write, read or say to your potential customer through content aligns with the latter. Best case scenario? Content marketing is an approach that provides a reader, viewer or visitor with compelling content, while raising brand recognition (and hopefully sales)

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Having a long-term marketing strategy is undeniably important, but sometimes your business just needs a new injection of leads right here, right now. Although there are very few ways to transform your lead generation overnight (with the possible exception of a more memorable number, but of course we’re always partial to those!), there are some marketing methods that act faster than most. Today we’ll pick up on eight of them to get your sales team on track and give them

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