The advent of digital advertising offered business owners more places than ever to spread awareness of their products and services. With more and more budget allocated to these channels, the need to improve ad response rates and demonstrate ROI is crucial. Achieving this with a full marketing team is difficult enough, but for small business marketers with limited resources it can be especially tough. If you only think about marketing when results drop or a new campaign is launched, that won’t be


With a wealth of reporting tools and the simplified follower counts of social media, it can be tempting to measure the progress and success of your online business by headline e-commerce metrics alone. However, while these numbers can be helpful and even indicative of a company moving in the right direction, they rarely tell the whole story. Worse yet, some are simply vanity metrics that are often and almost always misleading. To find out how your online business is really


For businesses of all sizes, in almost every industry, closing phone sales is vital. Unfortunately for some entrepreneurs and service teams, understanding how to close phone sales calls effectively is not something that comes naturally. At a time when sales pitches are everywhere we turn, it’s becoming more and more common for callers to fight back against high-pressure tactics. That’s the beauty of driving more inbound calls: the prospect is already engaged and ready to listen to what you’re offering.

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There are times when it’s the simplest solutions that are the most effective. Even in the current climate of rapidly advancing technology and marketing channels, this holds true. For all the app-based solutions, programmatic advertising  and algorithm-driven analysis available to your business today, could it really be  the case that a simple switch of digits in your phone number will make all the difference to the number of new customers you attract? Our Minds Are Hard-Wired to Associate Numbers with Action

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Social networks have grown into almost every corner of our lives. From reconnecting with old friends to researching new purchases, the influential power of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has expanded rapidly. Businesses have taken note of this shift, which is why so many are moving to these online channels to inform customers and answer questions about their industries. With so many platforms and potential places to connect with your target audience, however, it can be overwhelming to identify

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There’s a lot to be said for online marketing when it comes to brand awareness and generating buzz. The resources and interaction that web-based channels offer are clearly a must-have marketing tool for any small business strategy. Come around to conversions, however, and almost every business marketer or manager will tell you they want their phones ringing off the hook. Econsultancy has published an excellent two-part article – part one here – listing ways to get more phone leads, which also

8 Traits of Landing Pages That Convert

Written by: on November 20, 2014

Well-designed landing pages are an underutilized resource by many small business marketers. With the popularity of social media and the rapid development of the mobile web, catering to different types of online visitor with a page that meets their needs is more important than ever. While a full website with a variety of page resources is vital for search engines and general traffic, special offers and promotions require a more targeted touch point with your customers. Crafting a conversion-friendly landing page doesn’t have

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E-mail Marketing: Which Words Convert?

Written by: on October 22, 2014

We talked recently about email marketing and why obtaining new subscribers is still a vital part of the small business marketing mix. All businesses are pursuing higher open rates, but there are times when what you’re doing simply doesn’t work and it’s time to make a change. There are many ways to change up your marketing emails and spike customer interest in what you have to say, but possibly the most important aspect is also the most frequently overlooked: which word convert? We know that a