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Ask most sales and service professionals how they prefer to talk to customers and they’ll usually say in-person. For such amicable and persuasive individuals, meeting face-to-face is simply the best way to use their natural talents to serve clients.  Unfortunately, we can’t always be in the same room as those we want to help. Distance and scheduling clashes often combine to limit contact with customers to other channels, of which the telephone is the next best option.   When you’re on the


To succeed in a world with so many open lines of communication to consumers, it’s important to be responsive. That means understanding those existing channels and embracing new customer service tools that emerge — or at least having an open mind as to how your business can use them. With responsiveness providing a key differentiator in almost every business sector, delivering fast and exceptional customer service should always be a priority. The way you respond to customers will almost always

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We’re proud to share that we recently hit the marvelous milestone of 100 RingBoost reviews on Google! While we appreciate every single one of our thousands of clients, our team is especially grateful when a business owner or marketing exec takes time out of a busy schedule to share their experience with us.      Today we’d like to celebrate those clients – and our exceptional customer service team! – with a selection of thoughtful RingBoost reviews that show why we’re


Let’s face it, phone calls are no longer the only game in town when you need to connect with customers. It’s a digital world and younger demographics certainly skew more towards texting than answering the phone. Nonetheless, one aspect of the humble phone call remains indisputably true: a call is by far the most effective way to engage and inform your customer. No other channel comes close.  In this article, we’ll look at why this is the case and what

How Does Call Routing Work?

Written by: on May 30, 2018

Moving calls to the most appropriate part of your company might sound simple, but it can quickly become complicated as your business expands. Before you hit that hurdle, it’s a good idea to understand how call routing works and why it will benefit your business in the long run. Let’s take a look at the definition of call routing, how it works, and why it might benefit your business.   What is Call Routing (and Why Do I Need It)?


This is a guest article written by Alex Field, Growth Manager at LeadSift. LeadSift provides data and insights to help your business find high-value prospects who are already talking about your product or service and are more likely to become paying customers. It’s no secret that “cold calling” has fallen out of favor in the sales game. It is interruptive and typically yields a low success rate. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to make it work for your business. 


When new businesses begin to synthesize their brand strategy, they think about choosing the right business name, acquiring a matching domain name, and creating a logo that conveys both originality and consistency. What asset do many fail to include? Custom 800 numbers. This makes little sense. Branded 800 numbers have been among the most impactful tools available for almost three decades. Internet marketing is important, but brands seeking to stand out from their competition in the modern marketplace need to


When companies say that their most important asset is the people they employ, it’s often seen as a cliché. But when it comes to your sales team winning new business, there’s no room for platitudes. It is a well-known fact – at least for anyone who regularly reads these pages – that inbound calls convert to revenue at a rate 10x greater than any other form of lead. That makes training the people who handle the increased call volume from


Marketing News Digest: January 2018

Written by: on February 5, 2018

The winter months often feel like a drag, but the marketing news still seems to fly by! If you’ve missed any of the headlines from around our industry during January, this digest is for you. Our monthly review gathers all of the important news items we’ve shared in recent weeks and summarizes them in an easily digestible format. Put your feet up (work surface permitting) and take a look at the latest news and views, then let us know if there’s


Marketing News Digest: December 2017

Written by: on January 4, 2018

Happy New Year! As 2017 came to a close, a lot of good marketing headlines were submerged beneath last-minute meetings, seasonal shopping, and other forms of festive excess. That’s why we gathered together some of the more important news items into this quick monthly digest. Marketing News: December 2017 Here are some of the stories you might have missed during the final month of the year: Exclusive and Anxious E-mails: These are two of the many takeaways from the team