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Since the turn of the century, established marketing channels have been vying with their more compelling digital offspring to win more of your marketing budget. But is the decision really that binary? It’s no secret that digital marketing channels offer a lot. Marketers are able to gather and analyze much more data, providing deeper insights into both the individual customer journey and wider consumer behavior. This changes how most companies plan and execute promotional campaigns.     Contrary to popular

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Marketing News Digest: November 2017

Written by: on December 7, 2017

With the seasonal rush and last-minute holiday planning, it’s fair to say that few business owners have time for marketing news in November. If you failed to keep pace with the latest news and views on advertising, branding, and other promotions last month, we have you covered as always. Our monthly digest gives you the important headlines, as well as the original links for further reading, all wrapped up in one package as befits a near-Christmas edition! Marketing News: November


Marketing News Digest: July 2017

Written by: on August 8, 2017

The summer months rush by all too quickly, which means the marketing news in July and August can easily pass you by. That’s why a new month means we gather all of the headlines we’ve shared in recent weeks and summarize them for you in one simple digest. If you missed anything last month, read on to get all caught up for August! Marketing News Digest: July 2017 July saw some interesting developments for social media marketers, as well as


Our objective is to make your marketing more memorable. When you have tried-and-trusted marketing tools, however, it’s easy to forget that the latest tips and trends are also important. In the digital world, there’s no such thing as a slow news day. Marketing developments rush by quicker than ever. How can a small business owner or marketing manager keep up? Our monthly digest of memorable marketing news is designed to summarize the important issues and analysis that you may have

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10 Reasons Why Phone Calls Still Matter

Written by: on September 8, 2016

It’s fast approaching the end of the year and, like most marketers and small business owners, you’re probably juggling two competing goals: Squeeze as much business as you can from 2016. Get your plans in place for even more effective marketing initiatives in 2017. There’s no denying that each of these requires a great deal of hard work and planning. All of your marketing efforts, online and offline, have to work together towards the common goal of attracting attention to

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Between smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are close to being the norm in households across the U.S. Crucially, almost half of those who own them say they use the device as they watch the big screen. While its preferred role would be to keep viewers glued to the movie or television, the second screen has become a necessary for the entertainment industry. For brands, this means that the creative effort poured into marketing must now extend beyond the big screen.

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For decades, a small handful of media channels could reach almost everyone in America. Marketing involved the creation of compelling communications, then buying enough ad space and air time to push that message home across the mainstream media. Being everywhere was more a matter of money than diversity of marketing channels. The web  – and especially social media – has changed all of that. Now a brand can spend millions of dollars on a network television or national newspaper ad

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The benefits of targeted local marketing, like the advantages of using a memorable local number, are too numerous to explain in one short blog post. That provides plenty of reasons to experiment with hyper-targeted online marketing tactics, but can also make it difficult to know where to start. Thankfully we’ve spent a lot of time with that kind of targeting and are happy to share our experience to ave you time (and money!) Today we’ll identify ten ideas for targeting customers by

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The technology and marketing media have been talking about the great move to the mobile web for what seems like an eternity; we’ve written a piece or two on the subject ourselves, for that matter. Despite the annual predictions that the next year will definitely be the year of mobile, however, the rate of change has been more glacial evolution than smartphone revolution. Now, all signs point to the great transition finally coming in April – or at least the

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