Happy 4th of July from everyone at RingBoost! To combine our two loves of holiday celebration and creating memorable campaigns, here are three quick examples of outstanding July 4th marketing!   1-800-Flowers Turns Its Insta Feed Red, White, and Blue As one of the most visible brands built on an 800 number, we like to follow what 1800 Flowers is up to in terms of promotional campaigns and web presence. The brand understands the importance of visual social media like

At this point, it’s fair to say that most business marketers understand that social networking is more than just a passing fad. But which is the best social media platform to communicate with your customers? The answer varies according to your objectives, style, and business sector, so we’ve created this quick guide and visual to help determine which social network is right for your company.     What’s the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business? Here’s how the main social


For the social media industry, Facebook is the 800lb gorilla in the room. The company is frequently mentioned alongside Apple, Netflix and Google as a leader in the wider tech sector (indeed, they’re at the head of the FANG stock group, although more for catchy acronym purposes than anything else). Their platform boasts the largest user base of any social network or website, while their users are more active on the platform than any other. In fact, a significant portion


Marketing News Digest: March 2018

Written by: on April 5, 2018

With winter (almost) in the rearview and thoughts turning to the next quarter, it’s easy to wonder where Q1 went! At the start of every new month, we take time out to review the more important marketing headlines and industry analysis that you might have missed. Below you’ll find our March digest to get you all caught up. Marketing News: March 2018 As we start to move into a new season, see if any of the following news items and advice could

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Marketing News Digest: January 2018

Written by: on February 5, 2018

The winter months often feel like a drag, but the marketing news still seems to fly by! If you’ve missed any of the headlines from around our industry during January, this digest is for you. Our monthly review gathers all of the important news items we’ve shared in recent weeks and summarizes them in an easily digestible format. Put your feet up (work surface permitting) and take a look at the latest news and views, then let us know if there’s


Marketing News Digest: July 2017

Written by: on August 8, 2017

The summer months rush by all too quickly, which means the marketing news in July and August can easily pass you by. That’s why a new month means we gather all of the headlines we’ve shared in recent weeks and summarize them for you in one simple digest. If you missed anything last month, read on to get all caught up for August! Marketing News Digest: July 2017 July saw some interesting developments for social media marketers, as well as


10 Tips to Perfect Your Social Media Posts

Written by: on September 28, 2015

It’s becoming harder and harder to make the voice of your business heard across social media, not because your message is any less valuable but due to the sheer surge in popularity of platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Combined with the noise and shift of such platforms to drive more paid posts, promotions and ads, organic reach – the kind you get from simply posting something to your page and waiting for your fans to see it – has inevitably dropped. Now that

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Social networks are still new enough that it’s hard for marketers and business owners to know exactly where to spend the time and money of your marketing budget. With the exception of Facebook, no individual platform is guaranteed to be as powerful as it was the year before, as new research from Pew demonstrates this month. In terms of channels, former powerhouse Twitter is now struggling to keep pace with Facebook. Compared to Facebook’s whopping 62 percent user rate among

social media marketing apps

For decades, a small handful of media channels could reach almost everyone in America. Marketing involved the creation of compelling communications, then buying enough ad space and air time to push that message home across the mainstream media. Being everywhere was more a matter of money than diversity of marketing channels. The web  – and especially social media – has changed all of that. Now a brand can spend millions of dollars on a network television or national newspaper ad

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The humble search engine results page (SERP) is a deceptively complicated place, especially as we move to using multiple devices of all shapes and sizes. What once was a list of ten quick links, served up after your individual search, is now a mix of paid placement ads, image carousels, information boxes, and carefully optimized “organic” content. The more of the this increasingly dynamic page that your business takes up, the more likely you are to see valuable customer clicks coming through

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