Whenever you see a new social network getting a lot of press, you probably feel the same mixed emotions as we do: on the one hand it’s a fresh new opportunity to reach your audience, on the other it’s another potential time suck that could leave you with a lot of content and not much of anything else. When the inevitable time comes to consider whether or not a new marketing channel is worth testing out, we rely on a

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It’s official, we all have smartphones. Okay, even now that’s an exaggeration, but the trend is undeniable. The latest stats say that almost 70% of the U.S. population subscribes to a smartphone service, which leaves only a small band of stragglers who actually want to be connected but haven’t quite caught up. And at 1.76 billion (and rapidly rising) on a worldwide scale, access to a mobile device is clearly commonplace. What we’re getting at here is that somewhere in

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Today’s online environment is completely different to the one many of us first knew. From those early days of heavily text-based sites and gaudy color schemes, the web has developed into an oasis of vibrant visuals, subtle design standards, and endless styles of content. This is a great thing for users, who have come to expect an outstanding experience on almost every site, whether business, leisure, or LOLcats. For you as a business marketer, however, this diverse environment poses a

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