Make the Most of the Downtime

Written by: on December 20, 2018

6 Ways to Prep for Marketing in 2019 If you’re at work, these next two weeks can be a gloriously quiet time that gives you the space you need to prepare your marketing program for 2019. You may have already completed your budget and your high-level marketing strategy – but when it comes to turning vision into reality, you have to dig into the tactics. Here is a quick list of things you can tackle during this down time that

Advertising campaigns don’t come with guarantees. You do your best to determine the right strategy, the right message, the right placement. But how much time do you spend on the right call-to-action? In our guest post on DIY Marketers, we outline the seven reasons why a memorable number is a game changer in reducing marketing risk and improving response rates. Head on over to the DIY Marketers website and read the details.        

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Although they say the classics never go out of style, even the most lauded titles experience a period of being overlooked. This is as true for marketing channels as it is for classic movies and television shows. Should you need proof, look no further than the latest Netflix billboard advertising campaign.  The online streaming giant will invest millions in billboard ads this summer, primarily to spread the word about high-profile shows like the critically-acclaimed newcomer GLOW and the sixth season of

Happy 4th of July from everyone at RingBoost! To combine our two loves of holiday celebration and creating memorable campaigns, here are three quick examples of outstanding July 4th marketing!   1-800-Flowers Turns Its Insta Feed Red, White, and Blue As one of the most visible brands built on an 800 number, we like to follow what 1800 Flowers is up to in terms of promotional campaigns and web presence. The brand understands the importance of visual social media like

For anyone with a passing interest in technology, in recent years it’s been tough to escape a trend labeled the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). An ambiguous term, it remains a handy catch-all to describe a number of diverse technological developments with the long-term potential to interconnect and change the way we as consumers live with our devices. From cars that can identify a driver and match individual environment preferences to smart homes that learn our behavior and adjust accordingly, the

In our regular flow of writing, we cover plenty of established and local businesses using out-of-home (OoH) ads to reach potential customers. But what about new media OoH advertising? Are digital startups and e-commerce companies exempt from the tried-and-trusted channels that came before them? Unless the owners like to leave a crucial element of brand awareness to chance, the answer is a resounding no! In this article, we’ll look at four different cases where a vibrant new digital business turned to

Marketing News Digest: May 2018

Written by: on June 4, 2018

Even if you entered last month with the motivation to consume more marketing news, the chances are you fell short of that goal as other tasks took precedent. That’s where we come in… Our monthly roundup of what made the marketing headlines last month holds everything from new privacy rules and promotional channels to law breakers and legendary brands. Whatever your favorite flavor of promotional news and views, we gather the most relevant articles to get you all caught up.    


Think back to the last significant item you bought. Why did you purchase that particular product? If you are like most people, you gravitate toward recognizable, powerful brands that you know and trust. Brands convey to consumers a great deal of information. The most compelling brands carefully craft their public image over time to build consumer trust and loyalty. It is not an easy task — a brand can quickly fall victim to a bad reputation for incredibly minor problems.


Contrary to hyperbole from some corners of the digital marketing community, print advertising is not dead. Although traditional magazines and print media have seen a decline over the past decade, the print industry has continued to flourish as one of the most effective marketing strategies available to small businesses. As such, print ad design and execution remains an important part of any creative marketing campaign. In fact, recent market research conducted by Penn State University has shown that consumers not

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At this point, it’s fair to say that most business marketers understand that social networking is more than just a passing fad. But which is the best social media platform to communicate with your customers? The answer varies according to your objectives, style, and business sector, so we’ve created this quick guide and visual to help determine which social network is right for your company.     What’s the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business? Here’s how the main social