Marketing News Digest: August 2017

Written by: on September 5, 2017

Every month, we bring you a concise summary of the marketing headlines that matter. From branding and advertising news to expert views on how to make your business more memorable, you’ll find plenty here to chew on. If you missed our July edition, you can get a recap right here. If you’re here for everything that happened in August, read on! Marketing News: August 2017 For anyone who spent more time on holidays than headlines last month, these are some


If the Super Bowl taught us anything this past weekend, it’s that every second counts! Even when you leave it late, there’s always an opportunity to get back into the game and go for glory.  Sporting analogies aside, the same is true for marketing your small business. Even if you didn’t start out early with the latest new tool or a hot new trend, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it now. This month’s marketing digest – our

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Unless you’re a regular in the RingBoost office, it’s rare for vanity toll free numbers to hit the headlines. That doesn’t mean they can’t help make them, though! That’s exactly the kind of creative thinking that convinced New York’s CBS2 News to run with the toll free vanity that we’ve selected as today’s #FridaysFinest. 1-855-TWO-TIPS is one of those vanity numbers that reminds us about getting creative when we select those memorable digits. It has an alliterative quality that rolls off the

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