If the Super Bowl taught us anything this past weekend, it’s that every second counts! Even when you leave it late, there’s always an opportunity to get back into the game and go for glory.  Sporting analogies aside, the same is true for marketing your small business. Even if you didn’t start out early with the latest new tool or a hot new trend, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it now. This month’s marketing digest – our

marketing digest jan 2017

When football’s biggest Sunday rolls around, attention turns as much to the Super Bowl ads on TV as the players on the field. That’s because America loves a great 30-second spot, whether it’s a classic Budweiser Clydesdale or a plucky newcomer betting it all on the biggest audience of the year. Even as advertising moves online and marketing budgets are eked out over more channels than ever before, there are certain qualities that make for great marketing campaigns year-in, year-out. Every

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The Takeaway: Not every advertising channel is right for your business. Find out where your customers get together, what motivates them, and use memorable marketing tools that make it easy to contact you when the time is right. As usual the NFL delivered drama on and off the field this past weekend, as the Seattle Seahawks took the New England Patriots right to the wire before gifting them a victory. And even when there wasn’t action on the field, there

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