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The benefits of targeted local marketing, like the advantages of using a memorable local number, are too numerous to explain in one short blog post. That provides plenty of reasons to experiment with hyper-targeted online marketing tactics, but can also make it difficult to know where to start. Thankfully we’ve spent a lot of time with that kind of targeting and are happy to share our experience to ave you time (and money!) Today we’ll identify ten ideas for targeting customers by

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We’ve come a long way since the days of text-stuffed websites and painful Geocities pages.   The web is a now a vibrant audio-visual mix of high resolution photography, high definition video, carefully crafted fonts and refined brand palettes. Brief blasts of video on YouTube intermingle with long-form documentaries, striking stock images nestle alongside original artwork, and podcasts compete for our ear time alongside albums streamed from Spotify or digital radio stations from around the world. In short, today’s Internet user expects a

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This week’s Friday’s Finest vanity number is a reminder just how versatile vanity numbers can be. When applied alongside other forms of marketing, a memorable phone number becomes all the more valuable. The best campaigns make the most of several forms of media, which is why this television advert encouraging Dish customers to call a number and/or go online to register their concern about losing CBS last year was a big winner with us. The number itself employs a clear call

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Search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO) take up a lot of time for most businesses, whether they like it or not. Building links, social profiles, and expanding content to attract the attention of both readers and search engines forms the bulk of that activity, but there’s plenty more to learn for business owners with the patience and interest. There are many ways to reach the rankings you want to see and not all of them are fully explored by other businesses, which

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We often think of marketing in terms of channels, budget, medium, or any number of variables that can be cooked up into a complex blend suitable for big business. At its core, though, marketing is much simpler than that. When it comes down to it, great marketing involves telling a story that captures the attention and imagination. Where, when, who, and how much you spend to tell it are all elements that come after the most important job: crafting a

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8 Traits of Landing Pages That Convert

Written by: on November 20, 2014

Well-designed landing pages are an underutilized resource by many small business marketers. With the popularity of social media and the rapid development of the mobile web, catering to different types of online visitor with a page that meets their needs is more important than ever. While a full website with a variety of page resources is vital for search engines and general traffic, special offers and promotions require a more targeted touch point with your customers. Crafting a conversion-friendly landing page doesn’t have

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By all accounts we’re all set for a bumper holiday season. As the winter weather draws in and the seasonal advertising campaigns heat up, businesses big and small are looking for that one right route to get their marketing message out to consumers and above those of their competitors. But even with hundreds of different digital avenues at our disposal, marketers and ad agencies must remember that a mix of old and new is needed to make the most of

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There’s no shortage of businesses using social media for marketing, as we’ve written about alreeady. When it comes to adoption levels, we’re almost into the mature phase of that particular market. But just because everyone is using the channel, doesn’t mean they’re using the most effective platforms for their business. Where Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram all have an important place in your social media marketing mix, all too often the most professional platform is overlooked. LinkedIn is perhaps easily dismissed because it

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As a small business marketer it’s all too easy to dismiss Twitter within a few days of signing up. With around 500 million tweets sent every day but little interaction and few followers when you start out, the social network can feel like more of an echo chamber. As the site grows, however, it’s worth taking a second look. There’s often much more for your company to get out of Twitter than you think — and even more that you can put in to

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Every business owner is looking for the latest and greatest marketing channel to generate more leads and boost sales. Unfortunately this can be a search that leads us to focus on just one or two methods, at the expense of established ways to reach your customer. Though it’s important to stay on top of the shiny new marketing tools at your disposal, throwing out the tried and trusted ones does more damage than good. Managing your budget so that it

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