At this point, it’s fair to say that most business marketers understand that social networking is more than just a passing fad. But which is the best social media platform to communicate with your customers? The answer varies according to your objectives, style, and business sector, so we’ve created this quick guide and visual to help determine which social network is right for your company.     What’s the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business? Here’s how the main social


Social networks are still new enough that it’s hard for marketers and business owners to know exactly where to spend the time and money of your marketing budget. With the exception of Facebook, no individual platform is guaranteed to be as powerful as it was the year before, as new research from Pew demonstrates this month. In terms of channels, former powerhouse Twitter is now struggling to keep pace with Facebook. Compared to Facebook’s whopping 62 percent user rate among

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Whenever you see a new social network getting a lot of press, you probably feel the same mixed emotions as we do: on the one hand it’s a fresh new opportunity to reach your audience, on the other it’s another potential time suck that could leave you with a lot of content and not much of anything else. When the inevitable time comes to consider whether or not a new marketing channel is worth testing out, we rely on a

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Social media marketing has come a long way from updates in the third-person and telling Twitter what you had for dinner. Now that the winners are established and the also-rans fading away, most marketers know that they must establish a social presence to make their business more memorable online. In social media terms, the question for owners and marketers has shifted from “why?” to “where and how?”  To get the best blend for your business, you’ll need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each

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Pinterest is a hugely addictive social network that has grown in popularity since its launch in 2010. It’s a great place to showcase quality content and attractive marketing materials that your business has created to communicate products, services and of course that memorable vanity number that takes pride of place. The site is essentially an online scrapbook with a quick learning curve, so here we take a quick look at how to ease Pinterest into a marketing strategy that also

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