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This is a guest article written by Jennifer Phillips, who is Director of Marketing Communications at CARMA, a leading provider of global media intelligence solutions. For public relations purposes, many organizations monitor online brand mentions and media coverage. What not everyone realizes is that they can also use media monitoring tools for marketing activities. Conducting searches for mentions of a company name, CEO, the latest buzz about products or services, and to watch for negative coverage, is now considered standard

Have you ever called a business for an urgent answer, only to find yourself listening to a voicemail message? How frustrating did you find that experience? For most of us, voicemails are not the preferred way to communicate with a business. With that in mind, companies that care about their customer experience do everything possible to connect callers quickly and efficiently. Brand reputation takes a hit when there is no one to take their call. In time, that builds up

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As we all know by now, it’s crucial in the digital world to check your online footprint and make sure that as much as possible reflects positively on your business. Managing your reputation online can feel like a full-time task, especially if you don’t have a lot of people saying positive things about your business. Rather than spend all of your time fighting the fires that come from bad reviews, why not get connect more effectively with your customers? In time,

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