This is the second installment of the five-part series written by our partner Whitespark called How to Win at Local Search in 2019.  Reviews are one of the most powerful ways that you can make not only your Google My Business listing stand out, but also attract the attention of searchers. A person is more likely to click, engage, and spend more time with a listing that has more reviews. Look below – which business would you call? 6 Tips for

This is a guest article contributed by Chanell Alexander on behalf of TrustRadius. Chanell currently resides in Atlanta, GA. When she’s not traveling and trying new restaurants in the Metro Atlanta area, she writes about the latest technology and tools for TrustRadius Marketers always hear that customer reviews and testimonials are essential to a successful marketing strategy, but it is easy to forget just how important they are. Knowing how to use your customer’s voice to enhance communication with other


As we all know by now, it’s crucial in the digital world to check your online footprint and make sure that as much as possible reflects positively on your business. Managing your reputation online can feel like a full-time task, especially if you don’t have a lot of people saying positive things about your business. Rather than spend all of your time fighting the fires that come from bad reviews, why not get connect more effectively with your customers? In time,

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Developing a positive online reputation for your brand relies increasingly on word-of-mouth. As consumers rely a lot more on what others are saying about you – and now that everyone can see what they are saying, even if they have never met or connected – it’s more important than ever to explore your online feedback. The only way to control your brand reputation, as much as that’s possible in the digital world, is to understand what’s out there and make

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