Robocalls can impede phone communication between genuine businesses and their customers. Nearly 80% of people say they are not comfortable sharing private information in a phone call. Businesses should prioritize building an authentic, friendly connection with customers on the phone and allow them to share private information on other channels to build trust. More than 1 in 4 people (26%) say they can’t distinguish between a robocall and a real human from the beginning of a call, according to a

One of the first pieces of advice anyone gets about how to reduce the number of telemarketing calls to their phone is to sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry that is managed by the FCC. But how effective is it? According to a recent report by Clutch called How Do People React to Robocalls, only 31% of consumers believe that the Registry is effective and 19% actually believe it increases the number of robocalls they receive. There

New data confirms just how prevalent robocalls have become. RingBoost’s Rick Dionisio and Ellen Sluder provided commentary for the report.   Every year, the number of robocalls grows.  For the first 10 months of 2018, Americans received over 38 billion robocalls, with an average of 117 per person. Robocalls are an annoyance – but scammers sometimes succeed in stealing innocent victims’ private information, making the issue also downright dangerous. Clutch, a B2B research firm in Washington, DC, surveyed nearly 700 phone

If you are like the average American, you receive between 10-15 telemarketing phone calls to your mobile phone number every month. That’s more than enough to know you’ll want to learn how to stop robocalls to your cell phone.  According to YouMail’s Robocall Index, there were 4.2 billion robocalls placed in August of 2018 alone. They are annoying at best and insidious at worst. Furthermore, if they use a spoofed phone number to falsify Caller ID information, they are also

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Marketing News Digest: May 2018

Written by: on June 4, 2018

Even if you entered last month with the motivation to consume more marketing news, the chances are you fell short of that goal as other tasks took precedent. That’s where we come in… Our monthly roundup of what made the marketing headlines last month holds everything from new privacy rules and promotional channels to law breakers and legendary brands. Whatever your favorite flavor of promotional news and views, we gather the most relevant articles to get you all caught up.