8 Quick Ideas to Generate More Leads

Written by: on September 17, 2018

Lead generation is the lifeblood of sales, but what happens when you run out of ideas to generate new leads? Finding new prospects for your sales pipeline can be a case of boom and bust: one quarter your sales team and inbound marketing strategy might unearth opportunities at every turn, while the next your pipeline declines to a painfully slow drip. What separates the active sellers from the opportunists is a broad-based plan to unearth potential customers across multiple channels

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Let’s face it, phone calls are no longer the only game in town when you need to connect with customers. It’s a digital world and younger demographics certainly skew more towards texting than answering the phone. Nonetheless, one aspect of the humble phone call remains indisputably true: a call is by far the most effective way to engage and inform your customer. No other channel comes close.  In this article, we’ll look at why this is the case and what

With a wealth of reporting tools and the simplified follower counts of social media, it can be tempting to measure the progress and success of your online business by headline e-commerce metrics alone. However, while these numbers can be helpful and even indicative of a company moving in the right direction, they rarely tell the whole story. Worse yet, some are simply vanity metrics that are often and almost always misleading. To find out how your online business is really


Marketing News Digest: August 2017

Written by: on September 5, 2017

Every month, we bring you a concise summary of the marketing headlines that matter. From branding and advertising news to expert views on how to make your business more memorable, you’ll find plenty here to chew on. If you missed our July edition, you can get a recap right here. If you’re here for everything that happened in August, read on! Marketing News: August 2017 For anyone who spent more time on holidays than headlines last month, these are some


For businesses of all sizes, in almost every industry, closing phone sales is vital. Unfortunately for some entrepreneurs and service teams, understanding how to close phone sales calls effectively is not something that comes naturally. At a time when sales pitches are everywhere we turn, it’s becoming more and more common for callers to fight back against high-pressure tactics. That’s the beauty of driving more inbound calls: the prospect is already engaged and ready to listen to what you’re offering.

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Depending on your business sector, conversions can happen at any time up and down the sales funnel. From an initial visit to your website or social media page to the first – or fifth, or fifteenth! – call to your company number, every interaction you have has the potential to turn a caller into a customer. Whether you achieve this – and how quickly you make it happen – usually comes down to how convincing are your sales team and

Benefits of Intelligent Numbers

As we examined in a post on quality vs. quantity last month, even if the volume of your customer inquiries, calls, and website visits goes up, that’s no guarantee that your sales will rise in kind. Usually those increases need to be targeted to make a significant impact on your bottom line. In other words, as desirable as a spike in sales prospects is at the top of the sales funnel, you still need the right kind of caller to increase

How to Find the Perfect Vanity Toll-Free Number

So you successfully boasted your site traffic and/or call volume, congratulations! Really, that’s obviously an achievement to celebrate. The question is, what comes next? Traffic and call volume can be a bit like fishing, you want to catch a lot but if you have to throw them all back, you’re going to go hungry. That might be okay if your business has other ways to put food on the table, but if site traffic and sales calls are your main

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When you consider Twitter for business, it’s easy to write it off almost as fast as you signed up. There’s a lot of noise, too much link dumping, and more trolls than you can fit under the Golden Gate Bridge. It can look like a hot mess after just a few seconds and that’s not much of a first impression to serve up for potential business users. However, that problem can also be its potential. Twitter looks noisy because it’s open to everyone – aside

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“If you build  it, he will come.” So goes the old saying of “Field of Dreams” fame, dedicated to encouraging anyone and everyone with a vision to see it through and trust in the outcome. It’s something that can be easily paraphrased for your business as well, “if you make it great, customers will come.” Unfortunately this overlooks a key part of the process, the marketing of the product you sell or the service you offer. Invention is Only the

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