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This is the fourth installment of the five-part series written by our partner Whitespark called How to Win at Local Search in 2019.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can feel overwhelming for a small business trying to stand out in a crowd. Whether you hire a consultant to help you or are taking the reins yourself, it’s helpful to understand which elements of SEO can have the biggest impact. Five tips that will improve the visibility of your website. 1) Stop Under-utilizing Content High

This is the third installment of the five-part series written by our partner Whitespark called How to Win at Local Search in 2019.  Ensuring Your Vanity Number is Listed on the Top Sites 73% of people lose trust in brands due to inaccurate local business listings. Search Engine Watch If you’ve already scored your new and unforgettable phone number from RingBoost, you’ve taken the first step to make your contact details more memorable, you will want your new number updated on key listings

This is the second installment of the five-part series written by our partner Whitespark called How to Win at Local Search in 2019.  Reviews are one of the most powerful ways that you can make not only your Google My Business listing stand out, but also attract the attention of searchers. A person is more likely to click, engage, and spend more time with a listing that has more reviews. Look below – which business would you call? 6 Tips for

This is the first installment of the five-part series written by our partner Whitespark called How to Win at Local Search in 2019.  Having a Google My Business (GMB) listing is critical to showing up for search results in the local pack, local finder, and Maps. If you don’t have a listing, you won’t show up. In the past two years, Google has increased the number of features available in GMB, which means you can’t simply fill out your business

How to Win at Local Search in 2019

Written by: on January 8, 2019

RingBoost has partnered with Whitespark, local search and SEO specialists, to provide resources, discounted services, and education to improve the visibility of local businesses. In a five-part series, Whitespark expert Jessie Low will walk you through the critical local search strategies that will help you with your search marketing in 2019. Local search has evolved. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, keeping up with changes in local SEO can feel daunting. Standing out from the competition and getting noticed in

The real estate market across the country is booming. Home prices are climbing, and there seems to be no shortage of buyers. In fact, in many parts of the country inventory of homes for sale has lagged behind demand, which has created a competitive environment for home buyers and their real estate agents. There are also more real estate agents than ever, intent on earning part of their area’s market-share.     More than ever, agents need to think creatively


You’re driving out in the sticks and one of those ominous red warning indicators lights up…  not knowing any nearby business names or numbers, what do you do next?  Smartphones and tablets might offer salvation, but it’s unlikely you want to read a whole bunch of reviews or dig through the search listings to find a suitable auto shop. You simply want to place a phone call to the nearest business and get the problem resolved. Here’s where memorable phone numbers

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The humble search engine results page (SERP) is a deceptively complicated place, especially as we move to using multiple devices of all shapes and sizes. What once was a list of ten quick links, served up after your individual search, is now a mix of paid placement ads, image carousels, information boxes, and carefully optimized “organic” content. The more of the this increasingly dynamic page that your business takes up, the more likely you are to see valuable customer clicks coming through

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Optimizing your marketing for local visibility is is a multi-faceted affair. It requires both actively raising awareness of who you are and what you do, while also maintaining the static sites, business listings and social media that help customers to find your services when they have an immediate need. The first part is much more attractive to most owners than the last, but no business can afford to forget about local listings and how they work to bring in new customers. Examining your local

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