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“Your business needs to be on social…” How many times have you heard that in the last few years? Social media isn’t any one single thing or platform. It works in different ways for different people, businesses, and organizations. In the current climate, many owners and marketing managers turn to social networks, hoping they will be a promotional weapon to wield with little cost or investment. Unfortunately for those people, social media and direct selling rarely play well together. Take the Next

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10 Tips to Perfect Your Social Media Posts

Written by: on September 28, 2015

It’s becoming harder and harder to make the voice of your business heard across social media, not because your message is any less valuable but due to the sheer surge in popularity of platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Combined with the noise and shift of such platforms to drive more paid posts, promotions and ads, organic reach – the kind you get from simply posting something to your page and waiting for your fans to see it – has inevitably dropped. Now that

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If you’ve ever doubted the value of taking the time to build your brand reputation, look no further than the case of Microsoft to find out what happens when that area of your business isn’t a priority. Today, the technology giant – undeniably one of the world’s most recognized brands, but not always in a positive sense – launches Windows 10, the latest (and possibly last) version of its flagship operating system. Even with all of its history and enormous

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Whenever you see a new social network getting a lot of press, you probably feel the same mixed emotions as we do: on the one hand it’s a fresh new opportunity to reach your audience, on the other it’s another potential time suck that could leave you with a lot of content and not much of anything else. When the inevitable time comes to consider whether or not a new marketing channel is worth testing out, we rely on a

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Social networks have grown into almost every corner of our lives. From reconnecting with old friends to researching new purchases, the influential power of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has expanded rapidly. Businesses have taken note of this shift, which is why so many are moving to these online channels to inform customers and answer questions about their industries. With so many platforms and potential places to connect with your target audience, however, it can be overwhelming to identify

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