For anyone with a passing interest in technology, in recent years it’s been tough to escape a trend labeled the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). An ambiguous term, it remains a handy catch-all to describe a number of diverse technological developments with the long-term potential to interconnect and change the way we as consumers live with our devices. From cars that can identify a driver and match individual environment preferences to smart homes that learn our behavior and adjust accordingly, the

Love them or loathe them, the FCC serves an important purpose in the communications and tech industries: they are, aspirationally, a regulatory champion for the consumer. In recent high profile cases, the organization has taken center stage in the national dialogue on subjects ranging from auto-dialing to Net Neutrality. In each case, the goal of the FCC has been to balance the promotion of emerging technologies with consumer protections. But the digital landscape has advanced rapidly in the last two

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Phone numbers are fairly simple to understand, but the underlying infrastructure is quite complex. For our technically-minded readers, we like to unpack as many of the terms and technical aspects as we can. Today, we’ll examine an important actor in the toll free space by answering “what is a RespOrg?” How and why RespOrgs – or Responsible Organizations, to give them their full and rather uninspiring appellation – came about is a somewhat complex story. It begins in the late


“A modern classic reimagined.” That’s the tagline for the “new” device from phone manufacturer Nokia. If the name feels like a blast from the past, it’s because Nokia has been on the periphery of the smartphone sector for quite some time. Perhaps that’s why the Finnish company went back to the drawing board for its latest line of phones, one of which sticks deliberately close to its original design: the Nokia 3310. Iconic Appeal Now that we’ve passed the ten-year

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As Google recently confirmed, we’re now in a mobile-first world. From product purchases to online advertising and beyond, consumers typically turn to their mobile device more often than any other digital channel. Organizing marketing campaigns and customer service for an on-the-go audience is complicated. Nonetheless, for organizations at every level, now is the time to make it happen. What’s often overlooked with this digital-focused objective is the need for alternative ways to connect with a company when the online options

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In an unexpected shift this week, one of the tech sector’s biggest brands opted to become a smaller part of its newly created parent company, Alphabet. Google, a brand whose name is now so synonymous with online search that it has become the go-to verb for that action, will effectively be a wing of Alphabet, with other less established business units, such as Fiber and Nest, being their own entities that report direct to Alphabet’s executive team. As a concept

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If you’ve ever doubted the value of taking the time to build your brand reputation, look no further than the case of Microsoft to find out what happens when that area of your business isn’t a priority. Today, the technology giant – undeniably one of the world’s most recognized brands, but not always in a positive sense – launches Windows 10, the latest (and possibly last) version of its flagship operating system. Even with all of its history and enormous

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This week’s Friday’s Finest vanity number is a reminder that it’s not always advertising and marketing uses that vanity numbers are employed for (although admittedly, those are the ones that contribute most to the bottom line.) Media makers love a memorable number as well, because they make it much easier for viewers and listeners to get in touch and offer their opinion, as this example from Tech News Today demonstrates. TNT is a popular online daily technology show, distributed via

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Let’s face it, even with the outstanding reach of social networks or the professional pull of directory listings, your own site is the center of your digital universe. While those other online spaces and places can do a lot for your business, there’s nothing quite so direct – or with as much depth of knowledge and expertise to convince a customer – as a website you own. Everything you say, sell, and service can be reflected in your own site, making it a

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The Takeaway: Not every advertising channel is right for your business. Find out where your customers get together, what motivates them, and use memorable marketing tools that make it easy to contact you when the time is right. As usual the NFL delivered drama on and off the field this past weekend, as the Seattle Seahawks took the New England Patriots right to the wire before gifting them a victory. And even when there wasn’t action on the field, there

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