Ask most sales and service professionals how they prefer to talk to customers and they’ll usually say in-person. For such amicable and persuasive individuals, meeting face-to-face is simply the best way to use their natural talents to serve clients.  Unfortunately, we can’t always be in the same room as those we want to help. Distance and scheduling clashes often combine to limit contact with customers to other channels, of which the telephone is the next best option.   When you’re on the


Last week, the RingBoost team was in Las Vegas for the 2018 Toll-Free User Summit hosted by Somos. With speakers and panelists from the FCC, Google, Salesforce, SAP and other top American companies, it was an event eagerly anticipated in tech and telecom circles alike. The topics were themed around “The Path to Powerful Conversations” and focused on several key areas for our industry, including: regulatory changes, technological advancements, best practices to maximize business use of toll-free numbers.    

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If you are like the average American, you receive between 10-15 telemarketing phone calls to your mobile phone number every month. That’s more than enough to know you’ll want to learn how to stop robocalls to your cell phone.  According to YouMail’s Robocall Index, there were 4.2 billion robocalls placed in August of 2018 alone. They are annoying at best and insidious at worst. Furthermore, if they use a spoofed phone number to falsify Caller ID information, they are also

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What’s the most memorable phone number? Is it still possible to get a 212 number nowadays? How does shared use work?  In the course of selling custom numbers and improving marketing campaigns for many years, our team has been asked a lot of questions. That’s why we’re augmenting our existing FAQ page with a new blog series, “Ask RingBoost,” to address specific questions that you might want to be answered before finding the right phone number for your business.  Today we


Any number of situations may arise that will require you to port a phone number from one carrier to another. Whatever your reasons, porting a phone number can be a challenge, especially if you have never before initiated a port. Today we’ll look at the porting process and how it differs between toll-free and local phone numbers.    An Introduction to Number Porting  In practical terms, porting means moving your phone number from an existing carrier to a new one.


Love them or loathe them, the FCC serves an important purpose in the communications and tech industries: they are, aspirationally, a regulatory champion for the consumer. In recent high profile cases, the organization has taken center stage in the national dialogue on subjects ranging from auto-dialing to Net Neutrality. In each case, the goal of the FCC has been to balance the promotion of emerging technologies with consumer protections. But the digital landscape has advanced rapidly in the last two

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Phone numbers are fairly simple to understand, but the underlying infrastructure is quite complex. For our technically-minded readers, we like to unpack as many of the terms and technical aspects as we can. Today, we’ll examine an important actor in the toll free space by answering “what is a RespOrg?” How and why RespOrgs – or Responsible Organizations, to give them their full and rather uninspiring appellation – came about is a somewhat complex story. It begins in the late


A little over ten years ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone to eager and curious tech reporters. A decade later we have devices in our pockets that are, in some cases,  more powerful than our home computers were back then. Modern telecom technology moves fast. We’ve come a long way since the early days of rotary dial telephones and manual switchboards. To appreciate just how advanced that magical mobile device we carry around for calls and so


10 Crucial Moments in Telecom History

Written by: on August 27, 2014

When it comes to our phones, we tend to focus firmly on the future. From iPhone 6 tidbits to the next fantastic phablet, it’s rare that we stop to consider telecom history and where it all came from. But we’re telecommunications buffs here at RingBoost and love a good look back at our industry, almost as much as we love to apply the latest technology to get our customers more calls. So out of respect to those who have been

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