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What was the last phone number you committed to memory? Your home phone number before you switched to mobile? That new cell number of a parent or spouse? Perhaps even the digits of a hot date who you’d been plucking up the courage to ask for months? Even in that last scenario – which, let’s face it, should be significant motivation – the chances are you didn’t have to memorize a number. You simply programmed it into your smartphone and walked

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Toll free numbers are considered a public resource. They range in use from customer service to advertising, and from marketing purposes to nonprofits and government agencies, who use them to provide vital health and safety services to the public.  The rules and regulations that govern how toll free numbers are assigned date back two decades. Very few changes have been made in the years since. As of this past week, all of that may soon change.   Toll Free Numbers:

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Talking to your customers is more important than ever. Yes, despite all the digital communications networks and instant online chat options, what people are asking for above all else is an easy way to connect with your company and have a conversation with an expert. Given a choice, a majority of consumers prefer to call a business to speak to a real person, rather than take that first contact step by e-mail or submitting a contact form online. Recent research

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As Google recently confirmed, we’re now in a mobile-first world. From product purchases to online advertising and beyond, consumers typically turn to their mobile device more often than any other digital channel. Organizing marketing campaigns and customer service for an on-the-go audience is complicated. Nonetheless, for organizations at every level, now is the time to make it happen. What’s often overlooked with this digital-focused objective is the need for alternative ways to connect with a company when the online options

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Resuming our Friday’s Finest series, which takes in some of the best applications of vanity numbers that we see on a daily basis, we have an excellent example of lateral thinking applied to marketing. Created by Madalon Law, injury lawyers serving Miami and southern Florida, the creative is angled towards the event of St. Patrick’s Day. It encourages safe celebration on everyone’s favorite Irish holiday, reminding readers that the decisions they make matter at every stage of the evening’s revelry.

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As you might expect coming from us, the answer is “vanity phone numbers!” The same toll-free vanity number, as it happens, because Drake’s summer hit ‘Hotline Bling’ is also proving to be a boon/burden [deleted as applicable] to fraud protection service, 1-800-HOTLINE. Hot-Line Credit Card Security is the company behind the 1-800-HOTLINE number, which is where anyone inspired to call Drake’s extended version gets connected. A reporter at Thrillist, for example, who wrote an article chronicling his experience dialing the number.


This is the place where we highlight the latest and greatest examples of vanity numbers we see out on the streets, but today our reference point seems to originate several decades in the past. Look closer, though, and it’s just another highly effective application of a memorable phone number! The company name in today’s case is Nixon, but far from the controversial character of our 37th President, this is a reputable supplier of uniforms and medical wear. Their memorable number


An easy to remember vanity number can be a huge branding opportunity for your business, but it’s important to remember that this is just the beginning of the process. When that number gets connected to your existing telecoms set up, it needs your help to get out into the world and go to work to bring in the calls for your business. At that point, we turn to your marketing plan and where the vanity number slots in to brand your business at every possible opportunity. From business

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This week’s Friday’s Finest vanity number is a reminder just how versatile vanity numbers can be. When applied alongside other forms of marketing, a memorable phone number becomes all the more valuable. The best campaigns make the most of several forms of media, which is why this television advert encouraging Dish customers to call a number and/or go online to register their concern about losing CBS last year was a big winner with us. The number itself employs a clear call

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We usually like to spotlight the little guy with our Friday’s Finest vanity numbers, like Eleven Eleven Realty or Authorized Heating Inc. for example, but sometimes it’s worth a visit to the big leagues for a dose of memorable marketing. That’s where we turn this week, with “dose” being the perfect word to present the perfect toll free number for the CVS pharmacy brand: 1-800-SHOP-CVS. As one of the main names in the pharmacy retail space, CVS is of course

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