When football’s biggest Sunday rolls around, attention turns as much to the Super Bowl ads on TV as the players on the field. That’s because America loves a great 30-second spot, whether it’s a classic Budweiser Clydesdale or a plucky newcomer betting it all on the biggest audience of the year. Even as advertising moves online and marketing budgets are eked out over more channels than ever before, there are certain qualities that make for great marketing campaigns year-in, year-out. Every

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We started to talk about building your brand as a series last month, but we’ve been touting the benefits of brand asset thinking for longer than anyone can remember. Part of that is because vanity numbers work so well as a standalone branding asset. The remainder comes from a variety of marketing tools and techniques that should also be thought of as brand assets in their own right, but which also blend extremely well when combined with a memorable phone

This week’s Friday’s Finest vanity number is a reminder just how versatile vanity numbers can be. When applied alongside other forms of marketing, a memorable phone number becomes all the more valuable. The best campaigns make the most of several forms of media, which is why this television advert encouraging Dish customers to call a number and/or go online to register their concern about losing CBS last year was a big winner with us. The number itself employs a clear call

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